Thursday, September 27, 2012

Looking at You

Dear Annalyse,

I look at you and I see beauty. 

Beauty because God knows you - inside and out - and chose you before I ever had the faintest idea you would come to be. Beauty because God created you and loves you - more than I ever can. You are beautiful because God looked at you and me and decided we belonged together.

I look at you and I see potential. 

Potential because you are created in the image of God and that gives you value above anything else. Potential because you have opportunity to know God personally and that will place your identity in Him - and Him only. Potential because you have a myriad of roles before you: daughter, sister, friend; maybe wife and mother and grandmother; possibly doctor or teacher or writer; prayerfully servant and leader and giver.

I look at you and I see grace. 

Grace because God chose you to have breath and health and growth - gifts I sometimes take entirely for granted. Grace because God chose me to be your mom - despite my numerous faults and failures. Grace because God chose you to teach me lessons I wouldn't otherwise learn and to give me reason to look to Him rather than to anyone else.

I look at you and I see joy. 

Joy because you love to smile and laugh and try new things. Joy because you capture the attention and hearts of people around you. Joy because you give me a special motivation to choose to give my best - intentionally and joyfully.

Annalyse Joy - Happy Birthday, Sweetheart! Two years have captured my heart and filled my life with unspeakable joy. Always know that Mom loves you and that Jesus loves you even more.
Psalm 126:3 "The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy."


  1. Happy Birthday Little Sweetheart!!! Daddy loves you so much!

  2. A Jesus honoring family. May the Holy Spirit fill you with wisdom, strength, and discernment. God bless you all. PS Those are all 1 in the same. :-)

  3. Happy, Happy 2nd Birthday sweet, precious, darling, spunky, joyful, little Annalyse! How have these 2 years flown by so quickly! My heart rejoices for this precious addition of love (and pink!) to your family! May you all enjoy a blessed & wonderful day celebrating your beautiful "baby" girl! ALL of these photos are absolutely DARLING! How can you choose just one or two or ten to hang on your walls! Beautiful mama, beautiful daughter, beautiful family, beautiful hearts for Jesus! Love you all!