Tuesday, July 31, 2012


What's your favorite color?
Grady Lee: "Probably all the colors, but maybe green and black." (Camouflage is all the rage for him right now.)
Micah: "All of the dark colors, but I will say, red."
What's your favorite animal?
Grady Lee: "Cheetahs and wolfs." (Thank you PBS Wild Kratts.)
Micah: "A moose. I think. But maybe a cheetah, too."
What's your favorite food?
Grady Lee: "Fruit and carrots." (Seriously. I even tried to prompt him otherwise.)
Micah: "Pizza." (I think this was his only one-word answer to all of my questions. Everything else merited an explanation, but not this.)
What's your favorite game to play?
Grady Lee: "Battleship because its so cool." 
Micah: "That's so easy. It's Battleship." (And guess what? Ours isn't even the fancy light-up-and-make-noise version of the game.)
What's your favorite toy?
Grady Lee: "My bike!" (With not even a second of thought.)
Micah: "My trains. Or my baseball glove. Or my sandbox, but that's not really a toy, is it?"
What's your favorite Bible story?
Grady Lee: "David and Goliath because David fights the giant even when his brothers were afraid."
Micah: "The one with the queen and she got married, do you know that one?" (Hhmm, what are his Sunday school teachers telling him?)
What's your favorite book?
Grady Lee: "The Boxcar Children." (We are already on number four in the series - in less than a month!)
Micah: "The Bible. That's so easy."
What's your favorite thing to do as a family?
Grady Lee: "Go to the beach and go to museums and play soccer. I can't decide which one I like the mostest."
Micah: "Go bowling. But we haven't done that in a very long time. I think we should do that today, okay? Please? How about the very first day we find a coupon." (Atta boy, you know we don't have fun unless there is a coupon involved!)
What's your favorite treat?
Grady Lee: "Ice cream and ice cream cones."
Micah: "I don't know the name of it, but I know it's a kind of candy."
What's your favorite season?
Grady Lee: "Winter and summer because I get to play in the snow sometimes or else go swimming and it's my birthday."
Micah: "That's kind of easy, too. Winter is my favorite."
What's your favorite thing in school?
Grady Lee: "Spanish and Bible." (Guess I better come up with plans to do more Spanish this school year... eek!)
Micah: "Calendar work with the clock and the weather and the dates."

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  1. Must.do.this! I am thinking this would be a great way for me to ease back in to blogging & share lots of fun pictures...thanks for the great idea that I hope you don't mind if I steal! :-)
    LOVE all of the kids responses & can't wait until you have some answers from Annalyse in there!
    My favorites...Micah's response about not remembering his favorite treat, but KNOWing it is candy! And Grady's love for the Boxcar Children...always my favorite series, a boy after my own heart...and I love fruit & carrots, too!
    Also, looks like a great outing to DP! Do you have a season pass? If so, we should meet up there soon!