Tuesday, July 10, 2012

21 Months!

Turning two in three (very short) months. Turning into a little lady in every day that passes. Turning into a bright, curious, and active toddler in all areas. You are growing tall, you are growing smart, you are growing sweet!
Feisty? Absolutely. Spunky? Definitely. Small but in charge? Always. Daddy's sweetheart? For sure. Object of big brothers' admiration? Without a doubt. Mom's smile maker? Everyday.
Annalyse Joy, you are starting to say more and more words, though not nearly as many as your brothers by this age. You are, however, much more demanding through pointing, yelling, and yanking a bystander to whatever it is you want. Sometimes people tell me this is because you've got two older brothers and you've had to learn to stand up for yourself. I think it's just because you want to be heard - above anyone or anything else.
You like to wear bows and bracelets. You like to touch frogs and play in dirt. You like to push a stroller with your baby doll. You like to push a dump truck and shoot a nerf gun. You like pink toenails and like to color with black crayon. The best of both worlds? I guess so. Delighted to try new things? I know so.
Your hair is still baby-fine and wispy. Maybe someday you'll grow enough for pigtails or braids. You weigh 24 pounds, which I'm guessing is average since you don't seem teeny-tiny like you used to, but you don't have cute pudge rolls anywhere on you either. You sleep from 7:00 pm to 7:30 am and are consistent with a two hour nap each day. Although you are a great sleeper, you are a very picky eater. And, a very messy one at that.
Nursery volunteers at church enjoy you. Grocery store workers tickle you. Neighbors dote on you. Your brothers are obsessed with you. Dad and Mom sure do love you. But, Jesus, he delights in you!

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  1. Almost two????? That's just crazy. What a cutie she is and I LOVE that pink smocked dress! Darling!