Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer: It's Here

The days of roll-out-of-bed-and-apply-sunscreen are here. The days when you don't bother to shower first thing in the morning because you know that in the next couple of hours you'll be headed to the pool anyway. 
The days of swimsuits and towels constantly rotating through the washer and dryer are here. The days when it seems like every attempt to dry off and come inside only results in another, "can we go swimming again?" a half hour later.
The days of, "I'm hungry. Can I have a snack?" are here. The days when breakfast is hardly over and someone needs a snack "because swimming makes me super hungry."
The days of cannonball competitions and dog-paddle races are here. The days when splashing is fun and games until someone gets a mouthful of water unexpectedly and then it's nothing but tears.
The days of, "Hey Mom! Watch this!" are here. The days when you wear a perma-smile, nod your head for the hundredth time, and happily say, "Wow! I think that was your best jump yet!"
The days of always-above-85-degrees with lots of humidity are here. The days when you remember why the only option for being outside requires submersion in water.
The days of guaranteed naps because of intense water play for hours on end are here.The days when you look forward to a quiet afternoon because all kids are either sleeping or contentedly enjoying quiet time. (Albeit quiet time that recharges them for another round of swimming fun!)
Yup, without a doubt, the days of summer are here. The days when you relish simple family togetherness.


  1. Did you just describe our life? :-) Yes, friend, summer is definitely here!!!

  2. Yeah for summer! Totally with you on the shower thing - mine is usually around 3 in the afternoon :) Have a great summer!!