Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bountiful - Already

The first week of June and our teeny backyard garden is bursting at the seams. Literally. All vegetables have swept over the baseboards, up the trellis, and around anything the searching vines can grasp.
So far we've enjoyed several tomatoes and green beans - and have happily shared a surplus with neighbors. Annalyse was a helper and carried a tomato next door. When she handed it over she said, "Apple!" and proceeded to take a nice bite out of it. Her reaction to discovering it was not an apple was priceless.
The boys make a point of scoping things out every day. They take turns watering and weeding, and usually argue over who gets to pull the next ripe item off the vine. I've assured them that anytime now they'll have more beans to pick than they can keep up with.
Micah is, generally speaking, the one to give pointers and directions. He'd much rather talk about what needs to be done rather than do it. He analyzes and critiques. He gets sidetracked and wanders off task, all the while talking and thinking he's actually helping get the job done.
Grady Lee, on the other hand, is a worker. A hard, steady worker. He likes to sweat. He likes to be dirty. He likes to help. He likes to see results.
Micah has already asked "how much longer in the summer the plants will make vegetables because it's taking up grass where I like to play soccer;" and Grady Lee has already asked "if we can have a bigger garden next summer so that there is more things to water and pick." Complete and total difference in perspectives.
But the backyard isn't all work and no play. The sandbox remains the "it" place for my kids as well as several neighborhood kids. I think I'm going to actually time how many hours my kids spend in the sandbox on an average week. It's amazing the fun they have from a pile of sand.
The rest of June promises to be full: Nature Camp, VBS, and birthday parties. Add in some time at the pool,  playgrounds and picnics with friends, a full roster of College Ministry, and we've got a fully loaded slate of fun!
But, because summer is supposed to be the time to kick back and take it easy, we'll do that too. Like today, for example. We enjoyed a day at home with several friends from church. Popsicles and a DVD and laughs - that's relaxing, if you ask me!
What about you - what are your plans for June? How will you laugh and relax and make the most of the time with your kids?


  1. I just started my first garden this year! I like hearing about yours - fun fun! I love summer! VBS, tennis, swimming, and much more.

  2. I love that your garden is so bountiful, since I know you are using it as a lesson in diligence and responsibility...yay for fruits of labor! And I laughed out loud at Annalyse's discovery with the tomato.

    Freeman's busiest time at work is actually in the summer, so we won't be traveling a whole lot (or maybe at all). It's also a great time to be in the city, so I am filling our calendar with all of the fun (and mostly free) opportunities out there.

    p.s. Don't ever let my kids know that some people have sandboxes in their backyard. I think they'd decide to move in with you guys.

  3. Great job on the garden! It sure is looking well tended! I love hearing how different your boys are in regards to working the garden...amazing how we all are created so different with unique perspectives!

    I bet the tomato/apple moment was priceless! I did the same thing to Lucy this week...gave her a black olive which she thought was a grape, her expression was priceless!

    We are looking forward to softball games & all the kids running around having fun!

    Happy Summer!!!

  4. I LOVE it! Our little gardens are doing great too this year, yum! That's so funny about Annalyse and the tomato. It reminds of the time I gave Ashley pear slices and she took a bite and said they were the worst apples she's ever eaten!

  5. I'm a bit envious of your garden, I must admit! It looks absolutely beautiful. Nothing like a home-grown tomato! Hint...hint! :)