Thursday, May 10, 2012

No Meat. But Privileged.

While talking with a friend earlier this week, she said, "You must be really busy because you haven't had any meaty blog posts lately."

"Any whaaat?" I replied.

"Any meaty posts. You know, about stuff that makes people get all riled up or motivated to change or ready to argue their position."

"Huh." I mumbled. "Didn't realize I had those, um, those meaty posts."

And based on her description, this isn't a meaty post and there probably won't be a meaty post for a while. Did you know I'm preparing to travel to Bolivia next weekend? Yup. Leaving my babies and traveling on planes and buses and vans to get to the interior villages of Bolivia. (Dramamine packed? Check.)

But I betcha after Bolivia I can type out a meaty post or two. Because I'm sure that after 10 days of living with folks who have never traveled beyond their village limits and who have never seen a gringo, I'll have some thoughts to share.

Did you know that 1.4 billion people live off of $1.50 a day? That means if you have electricity, running water, food, and more than the clothes you are currently wearing, you live in the lap of luxury. What is baseline poverty here in the States is more than 90% of the world's population will ever have.

Let that sink in.

I guess there's no reason to complain about parking your car in the driveway because you have so much stuff stored in your garage. And the granite covered kitchen you long for isn't that important. Tired of shopping with coupons and at consignment stores? It's a privilege, actually.

Take a look at the following video clip for some pictures of the precious people and the beautiful country Grady and I, along with 10 college students, have the joy of getting to know. Although we will not be serving with the missionary family in this video, we will be visiting several of the villages pictured here.

I can't wait. And I've already told my team that they'll need to keep close eyes on me because it'll be the hardest thing ever to come home without smuggling a precious brown eyed, brown skinned, and black haired little darling out of the country with me.

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