Thursday, April 19, 2012

Worm Farm

We are now farmers. Good ole southern farmers, y'all. As of a week ago when my boys assembled this worm farm, we have been busy checking and observing various worm happenings. 
The boys alternated layers of dark dirt, moist sand, and uncooked oatmeal. You didn't know worms enjoy feasting on fine oats? Apparently they do. And, my boys also have the task of offering a tablespoon of new oats every month. That is, of course, if we opt to stay in the business of worm farming that long.
The instructions said to keep the worms in a cool, dry, and dim to dark place. Interestingly, my pantry is the ideal place, but something about farming worms next to cereal boxes and pasta sauce didn't seem right. We settled on a shelf in the corner of the laundry room and I gave strict instructions that the worm farm was not to be opened unless they first asked. 
I've come close to losing it before. "It" meaning my sanity, my patience, and my will to continue parenting. If they accidentally dumped this jar with 20 plus worms in my laundry room I think I would definitely lose it. 
A week into this farming thing, and we've begun to see some tunnels reaching deep into the jar. It's been a great way for the boys to visualize how worms help plants by allowing water and oxygen get deep into dirt. 
Grady Lee made the obvious, but disgusting, observation that, "since there are millions and millions of plants in the world that need water and oxygen by their roots, that must mean there are millions and millions and millions of worms in the world! Maybe even millions of worms in our backyard!" Probably close to true, but I don't like to think about millions of worms beneath my bare feet as I run around the yard.
Interested in making a worm farm with your kids? Come on, it's a fantastic experience to walk into PetSmart and ask for a tub of earth worms. Check out this website for details.


  1. If it does get dumped, at least worms don't crawl very if it was an ant farm or something. :)

  2.! You are so brave! :-)

  3. I don't know if I could brave this yet...Caroline's moving more now and I shudder at the thought of an escaped worm getting within her reach!

    You are such a cool brave mom...I'd love to hear any updates on this one.