Sunday, April 29, 2012

Right Now

I'm tired. My nose is stuffed. I have a headache. And clearly, I'm in a complaining sort of mood.
Can you believe April is almost over? That 2012 is a quarter of the way through? The other day my boys were talking about Christmas and I had to actually agree with them that Christmas was going to be here soon based on the pace of life!
I'm not wishing time away or wanting next month or next year to come any quicker than it already is. My days are full and managing three little ones keeps me busy, but honestly, I wouldn't want it any other way.
The coming weeks will be a flurry of making lists and writing instructions and packing bags and getting things notarized and buying supplies and getting shots. Grady and I are taking a team of 10 college students to Bolivia for a week and are beyond excited with the opportunity.
And, if I'm honest, I'm a little bit overwhelmed with all that I have to do and how little time I have to do it. I think that's mostly because I'm tired and don't feel well and that is always a combination that guarantees emotionally-driven responses in me.
Did I mention that my mom is having back surgery this week? I can't be there. I can't help her. And I cry whenever I stop to think about it. But these aren't tears from being over-tired and having a headache. These are tears because my heart longs to help my mom who has done so much for me over the years, and now, in her time of need I'm not there to help.

And that's reason to cry, if you ask me.
While I'm crying that I can't be there to help her, she is crying that she can't be the one to care for my kids while Grady and I are in Bolivia. We're both a mess. 
If you feel compelled to do so, I welcome your prayers. Join me in praying that my mom's surgery is successful and that she heals quickly.
Join me in praying for childcare details to come together as Grady and I prepare to leave the country. I'm confident that this experience of finding alternate arrangements is going to be a beautiful way I can watch God work. And in the meantime, it's a prime open-my-hands-and-heart-to-trust-Him-in-new-ways kind of opportunity.
I know the coming weeks will give reason for some exciting posts. God is busy making himself known in our family and in his church and in his people around the world. I smile that he chooses to let me be a small part of that and I find great joy in sharing those experiences with you. For now, though, I need a tissue and a Tylenol and a bed. Thanks, in advance, for your prayers and concern.


  1. Oh Sarah, dear heart, I am praying for you, for your Mom, for your kids & your trip! I am SO excited to read about how God is going to provide & amaze! He is THAT good. All the time!!! I am also praying about how I can help...I think I need a bigger car...Praying for you guys! Always encouraged & inspired by your posts!
    And right now, praying that you feel better ASAP & have the strength, energy & clarity of mind to get everything done without stress or worry!
    PS: The garden is looking GREAT!!

  2. Oh no! What happened? Praying everything goes well for your mom! If I wasn't going to be so preggo when you were gone, I'd fly down in a heartbeat to watch the kiddos for you! Hope you feel better and are able to get ready for your trip and make the last minute adjustments you need! Wish I was closer so I could help!

  3. Sarah, I am praying for your mom's upcoming surgery...that God would direct the hands of the doctors and that she would recover speedily and feel God's hand on her through all of it. And for you all...praising God for your willingness to serve sacrificially even through this season with young children and that he would bless your obedience by providing abundantly for your family's needs!

    And I really hope you got some sleep last night and feel a bit better today.

  4. Oh Sarah, I will pray for you all. It will be wonderful to see how God works it out ... another occasion to praise Him. And I just love that photo of your boys on the computers and Annalyse with the calculator!!

  5. Complain away, sweet friend! Hope you feel better soon!! Praying for your mom...and you not able to be there for her!Praying that God will raise up His body to minister to her and YOU! Love you guys!
    PS Is there a reason why you posted all those Sweet Frogs pics?? I mean come on...I'm trying to be good here! Now I'm just gonna HAVE to stop by there today!!! Some friend! ;-)