Sunday, April 15, 2012

Olympic Trials: Canoe Slalom

Friday evening Grady came home from work a and we jumped in the van for an evening at the US National Whitewater Center here in Charlotte to watch some of the Olympic Trials for the Canoe Slalom. So cool!
The boys thought everything was interesting and were full of questions asking when they will be tall enough or old enough to come and try it all out for themselves! From rock climbing to high ropes courses, from zip lines to rafting, from mountain biking to kyaking... it's an outdoor adventure land that is a short 20 minutes from home.
We arrived in between sets of competition and took some time to explore. There were a lot of spectators, but not an uncomfortable and crowded amount. In fact, the people added a fun realm of excitement to the event because they were there to cheer on specific individuals competing. Cow bells, whistles, cameras, and shouting.
The boys thought it was cool when some canoes would hit a set of rapids and flip. "Did you see that? He did a somersault in the water and he's not even hurt! I wish he would do that again!" Or, when a canoe would fly through the water and rub against a pole rather than clear it the boys would shout, "That's cool when he crashes into the pole, huh Dad?" Grady had to give them (and me!) some explanations on the rules.
I love walking behind my stairstep-men and listening in on their conversations. My boys adore their dad and when it comes to all things sports, he can usually give answers or stories or suggestions.
Lil Miss Annalyse was, as usual, a force to be reckoned with. If her brothers were walking, clearly that meant she should be walking as well. If her brothers were sitting near a canal edge to watch the race, clearly she should be able to also. Don't let her smile fool you: she was not happy to be in her stroller!
I can't say I'm itching for a canoe or kayaking adventure anytime soon. Way too much work that requires way too much upper body strength, which I absolutely have none of.
After two plus hours of walking and watching, we gathered our things to leave and Grady told the boys he had one more treat planned for our night out. Micah assumed that meant we were going to stay in a hotel and go on vacation and Grady Lee assumed that meant we were getting a piece of candy once we all got back to the car. My goodness - talk about a spectrum of expectations from using the word "treat"!
Although we didn't head out on vacation and although I had no candy in the car, the boys were still quite happy with their treat of ice cream! After all, is there ever a time when ice cream isn't a good treat? I think not!
The funny thing is that we drove through McDonald's to get the boys a simple vanilla cone and then Grady went into Coldstone Creamery to get real ice cream for he and I. The boys didn't think anything about this and, in fact, Grady Lee told me that he was "much luckier because my ice cream is way bigger than yours!" His might have been bigger, but I'm sure mine was better. Way sure mine was better.


  1. Okay, LOVE that last pic of Annalyse digging into the ice cream & your pretty profile & great earrings!
    But, whew, what a fun way to spend a Friday night! We have yet to go to the Whitewater Center, but I hear all good things about it! How cool to go & watch some of the Olympic trials!
    And just so you know, when you said treat, my guess was instantly ice cream! But I think Micah's idea of a hotel & vacation sounds pretty nice, I like the way he thinks!!!

  2. Oh, I so wish we had gone. I was flying solo and had images of one of mine falling in the water! :-)
    Y'all are hilarious about the quality of ice cream you eat! Must be you have it so often you're somewhat of a connoisseur! ;-)

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  6. Okay, that seriously is the last time I ever leave a comment using my phone! :-) Sorry about that!!

  7. What do you all not have in Charlotte?! What a cool experience and what precious children you have.

    And yes, I like the way Micah thinks, too...but I suspect it's in part because he has such fun parents that an impromptu vacation would even be brought up.