Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Seasonal Firsts

I'm laughing over all the Facebook and blog posts about flipping on the air conditioning so early in the year, about flowers in full bloom and it's not yet Easter, about wearing white before Memorial Day... oh the seasonal drama! And I'm right in the mix of the drama. Happy for the beautiful weather but wondering what crazy temps may be in store for the summer. Happy to be in capris and flip-flops but desperately needing some color to my winter skin.

Is it horrible for me to admit that I'm kind-of-sort-of jealous that my kids already have faint tan lines? How come their skin shows an early summer glow already and mine doesn't? 

We are on our third bag of popsicles, and it's only March. My boys love them and very generously offer them to all the neighbor kids. Thank you Wal-Mart for selling a ginormous-sized bag for just a couple bucks. Surprisingly, even Miss Pickier Than Picky likes the cold, drippy treat, too.
The boys have enjoyed a couple of afternoons running through the sprinkler with friends, while Annalyse did everything she could to avoid the water and mayhem. She is not a fan of the cold hose water. Can't say I blame her, but I admit, when I get hot enough I join my boys and run through, too.
Since there was no snow this year to make snow angels, the boys decided to try making, um, driveway-print angels. I took pictures. Annalyse stared. And I think the neighbor mowing his lawn across the street did some staring, too.
A friend sent me a fun link the other day with suggestions for outdoor water and ice games and I can't wait to give them a try with my boys! While the weather is warm, it's not hot. It's perfect to be outside and I'm making the most of it because come June, it's hotter than hot and the only comfortable place is inside or submerged in water. And if I know my boys, we'll be spending the summer submerged in water because for them, staying inside isn't much fun.

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  1. We're loving the warm weather too! The kids around here like to lay on the driveway and have someone trace their bodies with sidewalk chalk!