Monday, February 13, 2012

This Is Who You Are

Another song from Passion 2012 was just released. I remember hearing it in January, along with 45,000 other people, and I remember having a hard time trying to sing because the tears wouldn't stop. This song shares beautiful truth and wonderful hope and amazing depth of who our great God is.

This Is Who You Are - Kristian Stanfill at Passion 2012

Your glory speaks in every language.
Across the sky to every nation.
You are beauty unimagined.
This is who You are.

You are the Lord of my salvation.
You are the One who lights my way.
Through the dark night You will lead me.
This is who You are.
This is who You are.

So lift it up, lift it up, endless praises to our God.
Full of grace, full of love, and he's reigning over us.
I know, you are faithful, and you are worthy God.
This is who You are.

In day and night the angels sing it.
Holy Holy is the Lord.
There's none more worthy to receive it.
This is who You are.

You hear the cry of every broken heart.
You give the hopeless all a brand new start.
You lead the captive in your freedom song.
This is who You are.

And in the night when all our hope is lost.
You are the One who won't give up on  us.
You hold the orphan in your loving arms.
This is who You are.

And I know, this is who You are.
And I believe, this is who You are.

(This video was not produced by Passion and as such, may be removed from YouTube.)


  1. I was one of those 45,000 singing...also in tears. So grateful that music helps keep the memories alive. God feels so real there. It's easy to lose sight of Him back in the day to day lives we live. So grateful to be able to recall these moments at Passion. Praying He is showing you more of Himself. :)

    1. Cassie! Thanks for your kind note. What a privilege to connect with you via this blog - knowing that there is a beautiful woman in TX that loves Jesus and wants to see him made famous! I'm planning to be at Passion next year - bigger and better! - and pray you're able to attend as well. Thanks for stopping by and sharing a comment. ~Sarah