Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Things They Say

My boys keep me on my toes. I never know what they're going to say next. Sometimes I'm practically in tears laughing. Sometimes I'm amazed and am sure my mouth is left hanging open. Their little minds are always in motion. 
Me: "I love you Buddy."
Micah: "I love you too, Mom."
Me: "Will you always be my special Buddy?"
Micah: "Well, probably not."
Me: (Slightly caught off guard) "Oh. How come?"
Micah: "Don't you know that older people die first?"
Me: "Right. How could I forget."
Grady Lee: "Does food fill up my whole body?"
Me: "Um, well, kind of. What do you mean?"
Grady Lee: "Do my carrots and chicken go all the way to my toes?"
Me: "No. When you swallow food it goes to your stomach and then to your intestines."
Grady Lee: "And then where does it go?"
Me: "Well, the parts of the food that your body doesn't need it gets rid of when you use the bathroom."
Grady Lee: "That's kind of strange. I've never seen my carrots or chicken in the potty before."
Micah's prayer before lunch: "Dear Jesus. Please help all the bad guys in the whole wide world. Help them to stop being bad and not go to jail. But if they keep being bad, then help them to go to jail. And please help me not to be bad because I don't want to go to jail. But maybe it would be fun to see the inside of jail real quick and then come home again, okay Jesus? Amen."
Grady Lee: "Mom, do you think God will put another baby in your tummy someday?"
Me: "I don't know, Buddy. I hope so. It would be fun to have another brother or sister, huh?"
Grady Lee: "Yeah. And I think I want another brother so that he can sleep in my room with me and Micah."
Me: "Wow. Three boys in one room! That would be pretty full."
Grady Lee: "Yeah, and we can get bunk beds that are three beds high! And when the baby brother learns to walk and talk he can shoot guns with me and Micah all night long!"
Me: "Shoot guns at night?"
Grady Lee: "Oops. I told me and Micah's secret. Sometimes we get out of bed and shoot our guns when you're not listening."
Micah: "Can I be all done doing my math work?"
Me: "Almost. You've got just a few more problems to do."
Micah: "But this is taking infinity long!"
Me: "Wowsers! That's a super long time."
Micah: "Yeah, and I'm about to be as old as you are now!"
(Um, is the child suggesting I'm infinity old?!)
While grocery shopping the other day, Grady Lee very loudly and very enthusiastically shouted, "Hey Mom! I see someone that must be Jesus' brother!"
Me: (After yanking his raised hand from pointing down the aisle) "Ssshhh! You don't need to yell and you don't need to point."
Grady Lee: "But that man over there has a dress and a beard. I think he might be from the Bible!"
I didn't linger to examine - I rolled my cart very quickly several aisles over.
Me: (for the bajillionth time) "Micah, your fingers never belong in your nose."
Micah: "Well you know, Mom, they are long and can reach good."
Me: Silent. Totally silent. Stunned and at a loss for his gross, but true, observation.
While explaining to the boys that Dad and I were going to Bolivia this summer, Grady Lee says, "Will you have to talk to people in Spanish?"
Me: "Yes. That's why it's important for us to practice. People like to know what we care about their country and are trying to learn their language."
Grady Lee: "If you forget some words when you're there you can just call me and I'll tell them to you."
Me: "Um, okay. Like what words?"
Grady Lee: "All the words you are teaching us from our Spanish book."
Me: "I think I've got those words down pat and won't forget them, Buddy."
Grady Lee: "But if you do forget, just call me and I'll bring the book to the airport for you so they can fly it to your new country."
While playing the game of Trouble with Micah, he said, "Mom, don't you know the rules are that I get to do what I want so that I can win?"
Me: "Oh, well that doesn't sound like a lot of fun for me so maybe I'll just watch you play instead."
Micah: "No, Mom. Then it's not fun for me. The game is only the most fun when I am the winner. So I need to you obey my rules, okay?"
Since Lil Miss Cute (and Ornery) doesn't have a vocabulary yet, I don't have scratch-my-head or can't-stop-laughing quotes just yet. But, if her fiery personality is any indicator of the way she'll one day talk, I promise there are bound to be lots of memorable lines coming soon.


  1. Dan and I just laughed hysterically at these! I LOVE the jail one!!! :)

  2. I have like 5 "firsts" for this post & don't know which one should actually BE first...
    Like, WHERE were these cool pictures taken! Looks like quite an adventure!
    Or, I am SO glad you wrote each & every one of these down & you have totally inspired me to stop & actually make more notes on what my kids say!! I always mean to write things down, I might possibly post them to FB...but that's actually one thing I don't like about FB...not too easy to look at past Status updates.
    Also, these pictures are TOO cute!
    Oh, each one of these little "conversations" is hilarious!! I love how their little minds work...except the whole thinking grown ups are really old & going to die any minute now...that's kind of a downer!

  3. LOL...very very loud! I love getting snippets of Peeler conversations!!! What kuddos to you, Mommy, for taking the time to actually "converse" with your kids back and forth rather than just hm, mhmm, them to death! :-) I agree with Mel...where is this???
    Love how matter of fact they come I don't see them in the potty? Ha!

  4. That is the funny in life we all need to see! I see a few kids like me in your future!!!