Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Life: Weekend

We enjoyed a cold and rainy weekend. Coffee tastes best when it's cold and rainy. My fireplace cozies best when it's cold and rainy. And my family plays together best when it's cold and rainy. Maybe that's because we know we're inside for the day and playing board games and reading books under a blanket on the couch is just plain fun. 
After a full week of warm temps and bright sun, two days of staying home and actually getting housework done was much needed. The laundry baskets are empty and the ironing pile is finished. Ceiling fans and light fixtures are dusted and spring wardrobes for the kids are hung and folded.
We played in the woods, threw rocks in the creek, collected firewood, rode bikes, enjoyed the playground, chalked the driveway. And that was just Monday. After a week of nonstop outdoor fun, the boys actually seemed happy to be stuck inside this weekend where they had to (gasp) play with their toys. It's almost like they rediscover things on the shelves in the play room and find new ways to play with old toys.

My husband came home from his Saturday morning Bible study and proudly held out a Starbucks mocha for me. Win. This was followed by a Redbox DVD that I'd been wanting to see. Double win. Ever seen The Help? The last several times I've wanted to watch it it's been rented out.
Goodness knows that Sunday night entertainment was reserved for the Super Bowl. The boys asked countless times this week if "the big game was here yet?" I think Micah was actually interested in the upcoming game; I think Grady Lee just wanted one of the fun cupcakes we bought as a treat during the game.
No Super Bowl parties for our family. Too much effort with little kids and early bedtimes. And, sshhh, don't tell, but Grady cannot stand to watch the game with lots of talking, laughing, and distraction. Don't offer your commentary - he doesn't want it. Don't have conversations - those can wait. It's about the game and only the game. 

I, for the most part, tuned out to the game, but enjoyed the chance to relax on the couch with my laptop, the fire lit, yummy food in front of me, and my husband next to me. 
So while Grady was intent on the Patriots and the Giants, I was intent on scouring the web for articles and blogs and posts about a myriad of things. I have an interest that has grown to a desire that is becoming a passion. I have a faraway dream that has moved into practical ideas that I pray gains momentum to be a completed joy. My mind bounces and wanders and I'm sometimes giddy. But most of the time I reside in reality and remember that I have laundry to fold, floors to vacuum, a family that wants to eat, and a handful of diaper changes along the way. 
And would you look at that. It's 9:55 pm and the Super Bowl is over. Grady is indifferent on the win. The Eagles weren't playing so it didn't matter. The boys have been in bed since 8:30pm and will no doubt ask first thing tomorrow morning who won. Not because they rally behind either team and no not because they really understand how the game is even played. They'll ask just because Micah chose the Giants to win, Grady chose the Patriots to win, and Grady Lee chose "whatever team has the most points when I have to go to bed." Nothing like a little family rivalry. 
Well, if the game is done, that means it's time to close my laptop and head upstairs for bed. Researching my mess of thoughts and ideas needs a break anyway. Besides, this rambling mess of a post needs to stop. It's a wonder I'm even considering hitting the Publish Post button.
Here goes nothing.  


  1. this is one of my favorite posts!! :)

  2. glad y'all had such a low key weekend! Those kind are the BEST!!!!

  3. so dan and I talked about this last night while watching the game...its amazing how the commercials were so inappropriate-not only for kids but even as an adult I was over it. Were your kids interested in the commercials? Did you do anything to distract them away from them? It saddens me that its not even "safe" to watch the superbowl anymore! Ugh...glad you guys had a wonderful weekend though! :)

  4. I love weekends like this! (and I am glad you hit Publish) I also can't wait (but will, patiently) to hear more about your project.

    p.s. Hamilton loves looking at the pictures of your boys. He always asks who "those boys" are and then if they are his friends.

  5. Hm...waiting anxiously to hear what is rambling around in Sarah Peeler's brilliant brain!!! :-)
    I have to agree with Grady (as does Jason) watching the SuperBowl...esp when our team is IN said SuperBowl...has to be at our house, so as not to have all the conversations stirring around the TV and distracting the avid watchers!!!

  6. Okay...EXCITEDLY waiting with the masses to hear what this growing passion is...a book, another blog, a ministry, a business??? Hoping that you share it with us soon...and I know that whatever it is you will do it well & to the glory of God!
    Oh, and we totally agree on the big parties where you can't actually watch & enjoy the game...just a quiet house & watching the game on the DVR so we could skip through most of the commercials.