Friday, February 24, 2012

Eleven Years of Committed Love

Eleven years ago I promised to love you forever. That hasn't changed and my commitment remains: until death separates us. As I look back over 11 very fast and very adventurous years, I want you to know some of the reasons why I love you most.

1. I love you for loving Jesus more than me. You study his Word. You live by his Truth. You serve in his Church.

2. I love you for leading our family. You take charge and make decisions. You plan and guide and prioritize. You shepherd and teach. You demonstrate what is important by actions first and then words.
3. I love you for giving generously. You see a need and desire to meet it. You find creative ways to save money so you can give more away. You desire to invest and grow what we have so you can put more to put into kingdom-building efforts.

4. I love you for working hard. You rise early and work steadily. You give your best and aim for better. You think creatively and want excellence. You respond with integrity and act with enthusiasm. You are serious in your efforts to faithfully provide for your family in any circumstance.

5. I love you for investing in our kids. You care most about their character. You aim to be consistent with discipline and lavish with love. You talk tender to them. You joke silly with them. You don't want to be their friend but, instead, want to be their respected Dad.
6. I love you for serving others. You give your time and energy to teach and assist and mentor and motivate and encourage others. You serve best when you use your gifts to lead - and for a lot of people, you're an easy leader to follow because you're honest and approachable.

7. I love you for managing our finances. You organize and save and invest and administrate so that I don't have to. You consider the future without letting the day-to-day overwhelm you. You are honest with what comes in and how it goes out, and you know how to share that information in ways that comfort and assure me.

8. I love you for daring to dream. You choose to think different. You choose to pursue the challenge. You desire change. You run after a goal. You give your best. You ask Jesus first.
9. I love you for wanting to improve. You're not content with staying the same. You frown on mediocrity and desire excellence. You think critically and intentionally for ways to improve spiritually, physically, emotionally, and relationally.

10. I love you for memorizing God's Word and trying to apply it. You know countless verses, but how many people can recite three books of the Bible? You can. You know what God asks of you and you seek to obey it. Your walk and your talk are in sync.

11. I love you for choosing me. You had a thousand choices before me. But you chose me. You have a thousand choices today. But you still choose me. You affirm me. You encourage me. You love me. You are committed to me.
I, Sarah, take you, Grady, to be my wedded husband. Today, as we stand before God and all that are present, I commit myself to you. Willingly, I submit myself to your leadership, authority, and wisdom. With Christ controlling my life, I will serve, respect, and love you in sickness or health, joys or trials, wealth or poverty. Grady, I will not divorce you. I am twenty-two thirty-three years old and I will love you for the rest of my life.

Happy 11th Anniversary, Babe.


  1. This is beautiful, Sarah. Thanks for sharing!

  2. SO sweet! I can't wait to see what Grady writes about you on his Blog!!!

  3. I'm not sure how I missed it, but this is beautiful! Hope that you guys had a fantastic anniversary! What a great example of a godly, Christ-centered marriage you guys are! We are ever so thankful to call you friends!

  4. Happy happy anniversary!!! Hope you guys had a great time celebrating! But seriously, did Grady really have a THOUSAND choices before you??? Wow! Mack Daddy? Huh?
    What a sweet way to publicly affirm your husband! You are a example to all of us, Sarah!

  5. Wow, Sarah! How wonderful - Praise God!