Thursday, January 19, 2012

Since You've Asked...

Question: Are you pregnant?

No. Nope. Nada. Cross my fingers and all my toes that I'm telling the truth.

Because if I was you'd instantly know. I'd be shoving crackers or ice cream down my throat since pregnancy gives me an insatiable appetite. Or, I'd be hanging out in the bathroom since puking is an ever-imminent threat when I'm pregnant. Or, you'd just not see me because I'd be burrowed under my covers fast asleep ready to stay dormant until the nine, long months were over.

So, no, I am not pregnant. I sure do hope that Number Four joins our family someday, but I'm in no rush at the moment. 
Question: How is your friend, Marcus Cooper, doing since his motorcycle accident?

For starters, thanks so much for caring enough to ask! My understanding is that he's making itty-bitty steps forward in healing and recovery. But, considering all that he has been through and all that he has to face still, every baby step of improvement is reason to celebrate and give God glory!

And, if you're interested in knowing more about his road to recovery and how God is providing for the Cooper family, please check out his Caring Bridge site here. His wife, Sue, somehow finds time to regularly update the site with details on Marcus as well as specific ways you can join their family in praying.

Question: Do you plan to home school your kids through all of elementary and high school? 

I have no idea how long we plan to home school. But I do know that we plan to take each academic step carefully and intentionally after first giving a lot of prayer and thought about what is best. Schooling options may look different for each child. Schooling options may look different year to year.

Grady and I have decided that schooling choices for our kids can't be flippant or based just on convenience or cost. For right now, at this moment in time, we are excited and comfortable and happy with home schooling. It's working great - wonderful, actually! It's meeting the needs and schedules and ministries of our family dynamics and it's meeting the academic and social and behavioral needs of our kids.

Question: Do you ever want to relocate and move back North?

Off the cuff, no, I don't want to move North ever again! But, I can also say that if God directs that way I want to follow and move with obedience. 

Now that I have tasted the glory and beauty of North Carolina, I am fully satisfied with the climate and scenery. Who doesn't love three months for a (colorful and crisp) fall, three months for a (comfortable and flowering) spring, four months for a (hot and sunny) summer, and only two months of (non-snowy and icy) winter? 

I am attracted to the mountains that are a short two hour drive from home and to the beaches that are a short four hour drive from home. We have infinite options for an outdoor playground.

But, being several states away from family is tough. Really, really tough. Extended family is the only link that makes the idea of moving North again fall within the realm of "maybe someday."

Question: Do you wish you were still working full-time as a writer?

Yes, I do. I miss not being connected to the professional world. I miss not being "needed" and "respected" for skills I have (or had?). I miss not wearing snazzy suits and cute heels while having meetings at Starbucks. I miss not earning the extra income. I miss not traveling to new places, meeting different people, watching an idea become a reality, and seeing the finished product of something I really care about.

But I also know that not working full-time as a writer is a choice. It's what I chose to do and what my husband has 100% supported me to choose. For me, I didn't see how I could give my very best to an employer and still give my very best to my kids and still give my very best to my husband and still give my very best to my home. For me, I knew that my employer would get the best 10 hours of my day and my family and home would get the leftover four or five hours. I know that's not the case with everyone, but I knew it would be for me.

I also know that God is in the business of turning pages. Being a paid writer was a previous page in God's timeline story of my life. Staying home now with my kids is a page in God's timeline story of my life. What I'll use my time doing in future years is yet unknown. And, thankfully, I don't have to give a lot of thought to that because contentment asks for obedience and joy right now so that God can prepare me for the tomorrow.

Question: What's your biggest pet peeve?

Oh my. I can choose only one? Impossible.

How about people that interrupt? Or how about people that text while driving? Or how about moms that think it's cute for daughters to wear "princess" or "diva"smattered in sparkles all over their clothes? Or how about people that pay with a check in the grocery check out line? Or how about parents that think church programs are free babysitting opportunities?

You asked. I'm simply answering. And I'll simply stop now since I've probably left a few of you saying, "How dare she?!"

Question: If you could change one physical trait, what would it be?

Again, I can only choose one? Also impossible.

For now, I'll say my hair. I don't like long hair because it makes my neck and shoulders hot. I don't like short hair because then I actually have to style and do something with it.

I have straight, wispy, brown hair. No hint of curls. No hint of thickness.

I could give highlights a try, but I just can't muster up the courage. What's natural looking about blond streaks in brown hair? I know, I'm the last girl standing that hasn't had highlights and I really want to try, I just need someone to force me to cause I'll likely never choose to.

I don't know what I'd like my hair to actually look like, I just know I don't want it to look like it actually does.
Question: How did you know Grady was "the one"?

It's simple, really.

1. He had brown hair. I've never ever found blondes attractive.

2. He was several inches taller than me. I spent high school and a lot of college looking eye-to-eye with most guys.

3. He loved Jesus more than he loved me. And that cinched the deal.

We've actually got kind of a fun story, but that's for another time and another place.
Question: What's one talent that you really with you had?

Anything musical. I'm that kid who had parents that used to ask me to stop singing. I'm also that kid who took flute lessons for two weeks and couldn't stop crying because of overwhelming frustration so I decided to quit.

I'd love to lead worship through voice or piano. It seems that musical skills are a universal language that can minister to others no matter the location or language or ethnicity. It touches hearts and souls of everyone.


  1. I am so glad to know more about you! Some of the things I already knew and some were new. I always enjoy getting to know someone better.

  2. Such a great idea for a post. I especially love the unrelated pictures interspersed throughout.

    I especially like this line, "I don't have to give a lot of thought to that because contentment asks for obedience and joy right now so that God can prepare me for the tomorrow." I'll probably read that one again from time to time.