Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Curiously Good Time

"This is George. George was a good little monkey and always very curious."

If I had a dollar - nope, just a penny- for every time I read those words to Micah, I would be one high-rolling stay at home mom! Micah loves, loves, loves Curious George and he made it clear about a day after his third birthday that "when I turn four I want to have a Curious George cake and play Curious George games." A year later, and the boy didn't budge in his loyalty to George. 

This past Saturday Micah invited four friends over to celebrate his fourth birthday. And, if you ask me, it was a curiously good time!
Micah and his four buddies personalized and decorated insulated mugs with Curious George stickers and markers. After, Micah passed out hot chocolate packets and bananas for his friends to take home as a "snack that Curious George would like, since monkeys like bananas and I like chocolate."
And wouldn't you know! That curious little monkey was up to no good while we were busy decorating our mugs. George blew up several balloons and put a clue in each balloon. The kids had to run around the house - inside and outside - to find each balloon. When they found a balloon, they had to work together to pop it and find a clue hidden inside that would direct them to the next balloon with a clue.
Ta-dah! The final clue pointed the kids to the garage where a pinata was waiting, full of treats ready for the taking.
George's look-alike was stubborn and it took several rounds of hits and swings to crack this curious monkey open. The girls squealed. The boys whooped and hollered. And everyone dove when the candy spilled out!
With bags of treats, the kids sat quietly while Grady read a couple of Curious George stories (that I think Micah recited) and I talked back and forth with Domino's about a pizza order mix-up. Because, after all, what would a party be without at least one teeny tiny glitch? I take full responsibility: I ordered pizzas online the day before but had them sent to the wrong house. So much for my efforts to stay ahead of the game and be proactive.
The kids didn't seem to mind, though, and were happy enough to sip juice boxes and munch on fruit. I think I even saw a few "Hey, I'll trade you my blueberries for your grapes" deals go down. These four year olds ran a tough bargain, let me tell you!
After lunch it was time for, drum roll please, presents! Micah's friends were overly generous and wonderfully thoughtful in what they chose to give him. His eyes danced with each gift he opened and he couldn't wait for "daddy to open the boxes fast so my friends can play with all my new things!"
Annalyse was in and out of the party, happy to do her own thing as long as no one got in her way. She was less than charming with her loud and feisty ways, I think due to the fact that all attention wasn't on her and she was at a loss for what to do! Stinker. Cute, but still a stinker.
Micah offered a polite thank you after opening each gift and then he gave hugs to all his friends. We'd rehearsed being polite and showing kind manners a couple of weeks ago and I was proud when he wasn't the least bit shy to love his friends.
Is there anything sweeter and cuter than watching little people hug? It's not always gentle and usually ends up turning into a tumble on the floor, but oh-so-cute.
Once gifts were opened it was time to light some candles and sing to the birthday boy!
Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday, dear Micah. Happy Birthday to you!
Micah Man, you were a host with the most. I was proud to watch you show kindness and self control around your friends. I was happy to see your friends laugh and play with you. And mostly, I was happy to see your smile spread across your handsome face all morning long. You enjoyed your day and that's the best birthday gift I can give you.


  1. Conor definitely had a GREAT time! He was so excited!

  2. Looks absolutely like a curious good time! So glad that your Micah-man got to enjoy such a fun birthday party!! I love your creativity with the games!

  3. So...Jay and I were just sitting around wondering if there would be pizza delivered THIS weekend too??? :-)
    Looks like a fun party. You are such a creative mom!!! Can you plan our parties from now on? Minus the pizza-mishap?