Sunday, January 1, 2012

College Group Crazies

A couple of weeks back Grady and I were lucky enough to be included in a Christmas party with the college group from church. I say we were lucky enough because, think about it, when you were in college did you think it was cool to hang out with some 30-somethings who have three kids, drive a minivan, and usually head to bed at 10:00pm? 

Some ultra-cool, ultra-generous, and ultra-hospitable friends opened their home to our group. There aren't many homes that can comfortably fit 40+ people in the basement and offer air hokey, ping pong, XBox Kinect, and a kitchen all our own. But the Robinson's could, and the Robinson's did!

We came wearing our ugliest Christmas sweaters, or in some wait-till-two-hours-before-it's-time-to-go-cases, we made our ugliest Christmas sweater. (No, Grady does NOT have lip prints all over his chest. He has hoof prints because "Grandma got run over by a reindeer...")
Before the wild and crazy par-tay got going, my kids enjoyed an hour with the Robinson kids. Pizza dinner, a movie, and books before bed: sounds perfect to me! And, let me just be honest here. Not only do my boys enjoy playing with Leah and Micah, but Grady and I were thrilled to save the $75 babysitting expense since our kids were sleeping upstairs rather than back at home with a sitter. (Thank you Robinson's for opening your home to wild college kids AND to my loud kids!)
My oh my. Check out this burly dude. He's either a man of great confidence to dare to wear this, or he's a man willing to do what it takes to amuse the beautiful girl on his arm. Either way, he was the winner in my book. When I walked around the corner and saw him I about lost it.
And check out these ugly girls! I can call them that because that was the goal of the night... come as Christmas-ugly as possible. Beautiful smiles on darling girls. But those sweaters - definitely ugly!
In all the white elephant gift exchanges I've done, I don't remember participating in one that involved a huge bowl of jello with buried Christmas ornaments at the bottom.
If this lucky winner wanted claim on the fun gifts buried in the bottom, he had to start eating his way there, or, if that took too long, start digging his way there! (Robinson's: Thank you for not panicking when a group of kids started slinging orange jello in the middle of your family room! This is part of what makes you bestest host(ess) ever!)
Hahahaha! Look who chose the gift that was wrapped, and wrapped, and wrapped, and wrapped in ductape. Sorry charlie, you touch it you take it!
Fun times. Fun friends. Fun home. Delicious food. Lots and lots of delicious food. And Grady and I were cool enough, at least for that night, to hang out with this great group. I've never been to a Merrier or Uglier Christmas party!
And because one party together during their Christmas break just ins't enough, Grady and I invited the group over for a surprise birthday party for one of our team leaders, Sean. Sean's birthday is one day after Micah's so I added four candles to Sean's 23 candles and we sang to both birthday boys. Micah thought he was the coolest to have our "big friends sing to me and come to my party!" (He'll never know he was a last minute add-on to Sean's party...!)
The birthday boys blew out their candles and high-fived after making a wish!
Since bedtime was fast-approaching for the boys, Grady let them show the big guys how to play Kinect. Grady Lee was overwhelmed and shy, of course, but Micah took center stage and became the life of the party. "Mr. Sean, just watch me and I'll show you how to win at this game, okay?"
Once my boys were in bed, it was time for everyone to get going in some real competition! Our furniture was rearranged a couple of times, we all jumped and leaned and waved in strange positions, and mostly we all laughed at how ridiculous it was to watch this craziness.
And that's not all folks. Tomorrow Grady and I join up with 30 of these wonderful college kids and head to Atlanta for Passion 2012. In preparation of the big event, I've just woke up from a two hour nap because I know that beginning at 6:00 tomorrow morning I'll be short on sleep until late Thursday night. 

Stay tuned for pics and details on a week that is about to change hearts and minds and lives for all of eternity. And to think that Grady and I have the privilege of being there and being a part of it. Wow. Just wow!


  1. Your dad is glad that mom gets to be there to care for the kids while you are away. This is one way we can support what you guys are about and hopefully encourage some college age people we will never really now.

  2. Grady's hat and sweater combination are smashing! Where did you ever find that? But I bet your kids loved your snowman sweater didn't they?? :) Hope your week at Passion goes well.

  3. Okay, your dad's comment is so sweet it made me cry! I think the WOW here should be for your & Grady's awesome hearts that truly follow Jesus & serve Him where & how He calls you! Praying that you have an A-mazing week & that lives are forever changed by the Truth!
    Oh, and this post is TOO cute or rather TOO ugly! The party sounds like one for the books...things buried in Jello, duct tape...I'm going to have to file those ideas in my White Elephant exchange file!! Happy New Year friend!!

  4. Sarah, what a wonderful post. I laughed all over again when I saw Brad's picture!!!! Love that boy (and that beautiful girl on his arm).
    Praying for you all as you are at the Passion Conference this week. Thank you again, for the millionth time, for having hearts so big for these college students. And you ARE totally cool. That's why they love you so much. They love your big hearts that love them AND our Lord so very much! The Vails sure do love the Peelers!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO