Sunday, January 22, 2012

Boy Games

I love boys. Even the loud, energetic, messy, stinky, sweaty mess that little boys usually are, I still love them. And God knew that when he chose to make me mom of two 100% pure boys.
I grew up with two brothers so I had a general idea of what life with little boys would be like. I also grew up with a non fru-fru mom that got on her hands and knees to catch toads, play football, dig in the sand, and shoot BB guns. 
And here I am, all these years later with my own two little boys, and I'm taking after my mom by playing with all things slithery, loud, and dirty.
The really great thing about little boys is their imaginations. Anything and everything can become a gun, including a toothbrush or a spoon or a TV remote. A secret spy mission can happen at any given moment. Because even while using the bathroom, a walkie-talkie can still call in for a location check. If it's soft, it can be kicked in the name of playing soccer, and that means stuffed animals, pillows, and, unfortunately for Annalyse, baby dolls. Rescue missions are always underway with firetrucks, police cars, and helicopters showing up in obscure places. Yes, even the dryer and the bottom shelf in the fridge.
On those rare occasions when trucks and guns and dinosaurs just aren't all that fun, I promise that a skein of yard and roll of masking tape will keep little boys busy and creative. I left them with these supplies, instructed them to make a giant spiderweb, closed the door and didn't come back for over an hour.

And, boy oh boy, did they have fun!
The fun didn't stop once the yarn ran out, though. Once the room was a twisted tangle of yarn, it became an obstacle course for them to maneuver through. It was a jungle of vines that their dinosaurs had to roam. The yarn strings became snakes that couldn't be touched or else you'd get bitten. And on and on. You get the idea.

Got boys, too? Can I get an amen that they are a load of unexpected fun and unexpected adventure?


  1. Amen! What an awesome mom-of-boys you are! And, as I am sure you are discovering with sweet Annalyse, little sisters of adventurous big brothers can add their own spice to the mix.
    Your family is so blessed and our God is so good.

  2. Yarn and masking're a genius! I'm going have to remember that for a cold rainy day!!!

  3. Love this & LOVE little boys! I can't wait to try that with the yarn & tape! You win the cool mom award (AGAIN!!)