Friday, December 30, 2011

Thanks Nana!

I feel like I've been in constant catch-up mode to capture memories of all that's happened over the past week. Christmas, Micah's birthday, church activities, parties, and Nana's visit.
Nana is a brave soul with a deep heart. She's willing to make the 10-hour drive from New Jersey to North Carolina several times each year, and usually just for a quick weekend visit. I don't know many single ladies willing to do that.
Nana sits on the floor to play with the kids. She reads books and assembles puzzles and plays games. Again and again. Over and over. And my boys think they run the show when she's here because she's usually willing to do anything and everything they ask of her. Not much longer till Annalyse catches on and has Nana playing dress up and having tea time, I'm sure.
This little girl is tiny, but she carries a big scream. And squeal. And giggle. She is, for sure, 100% girl and 100% my-way-or-the-highway. Maybe when she's older I'll box ship her to Nana's doorstep for summer vacation. Annalyse would be up for it, but would Nana...?
And these two boys are full of energy. And curiosity. And rough-tough-tumble ways. They are, for sure, 100% boys and 100% wake-up-and-start-moving-fast-until-the-day-is-over. Maybe when they're older, I'll send them to Nana's to help with yard work and house demolition projects. They'd be up for it.
Well, anyway we look at it, we're all thankful for Nana. Thank you, Nana, for driving a long way to spend a short time with us. We appreciate your sacrifice and your time. Mostly though, we appreciate your constant love for us and excitement to see us!

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