Friday, December 9, 2011

The Simple Things

1. Being home! After two weeks away and sleeping in five different beds it has been wonderful to be home and in my own.

2. New kitchen gadgets. I'm relishing my new kitchen knives (I can now cut with a single slice instead of a perpetual sawing motion), a new four-slot toaster (I've joined the big leagues), and a new coffee maker (I can't have an unreliable coffee maker!). You know, I really think there ought to be a "Congrats You've Been Married For Several Years Now and Likely Need New Toys for the House" shower.

3. Christmas fun. Crafts, cookies, stories, decorating, gingerbread houses, lights, a carriage ride, and a live nativity... our family enjoyed it all this past week.

What about you - what Simple Things did you enjoy this week?


  1. I was shocked when you wrote "crafts", but I quickly realized these were probably kids crafts and not you out with the glue gun. We enjoyed a simple dinner in with friends last night that we see once a year.

  2. Simple things? In the month of December? Hm...three days without having to be anywhere or rush or go...

  3. Just a minute to sit & read blogs, with cheery Christmas in the background, that is a simple pleasure!
    Oh & I totally agree about needing a new "shower" after being married a I'd love a new set of dishes!