Saturday, December 17, 2011

Santa Clause and Sticks and Stones

We met Daddy for lunch. Treat #1. We visited Santa. Treat #2. And, oh my goodness, the pure joy from two little guys who couldn't wait to ramble off their ever-growing list of what they'd like delivered from the North Pole.
Annalyse was way more interested in wandering and touching everything she wasn't supposed to. Stop moving and sit still on an old man's lap? No way.
Grady Lee was truly concerned that "Annalyse will not get any presents for Christmas because she won't obey and sit on Santa's lap! Mommy, you have to help her sit still so she will not cry on Christmas!"
And there you have it: seven seconds of all three kids sitting with Santa and smiling. I think there were several ladies whooping and hollering to get Annalyse to look the right way, all to no avail.
We got prizes for being a good Kidgit: Treat #3. The good news is that the prize box of Made in China treasures were both broken before the end of the day.
We explored the woods and played by the lake: Treat #4. (This is what I'm talking about - a day with lots of simple, and free, treats!)
For those that have never seen Annalyse in jeans or without a bow on her bald head, these pics are for you. See? She does have ugly play clothes. And see? She looks like a boy.
We enjoyed beautiful weather: Treat #5. No hopes for a white Christmas, but that's okay.
"Hold your positions! This bridge is ours and no one will pass! Guard the fort at all costs!"
I watched my three kids play and explore and laugh as best buddies: Treat #6. The best treat of all.


  1. What a fun day!!! Love the Santa pics!!!

  2. Oh, I think she's beautiful in jeans, too. *but I've gotten enough, "Oh, he's so cute"'s to know exactly what you mean.

    I love that you documented this lovely day--it sounds like one of those to think back upon when you are having a tougher day!

  3. Um...she so does NOT look like a boy!!! :-)

  4. fun memories! Oh, and those are not ugly play clothes!!!

  5. Eagerly awaiting your Passion 2012 post--I see it in my Dashboard, but not on your blog. I remember praying for you when you weren't able to attend last year.