Wednesday, November 16, 2011


It's Wednesday.

It's only Wednesday.

It's only Wednesday and I've already spent entirely too much time (and money) with a mechanic, a plumber, a pediatrician, a speech therapist, and a child psychologist. I figure I'm on a roll with enabling other professionals and should go ahead and make time for a nail appointment, a massage, and a much over-due haircut. You know, just to keep the game fair and be sure every professional in my contact list is adequately covered. And yes, I have a dentist appointment coming up in a couple of weeks so I've covered that base, too.
Did I mention that I'm packing for a two week vacation, teaching a class of four-year olds this evening, preparing for a birthday party, and am hoping to still have sanity tomorrow evening so I can act adult-like and attend a meeting with fellow homeschooling moms?

The woe-is-me story ends now though. As I type I'm enjoying a 15-minute reprieve from schooling and kids and house chores. My coffee and way-bigger-than-appropriate slice of cake is sitting here next to me. For the moment, just this little moment, it's all good.

But I still hear the plumber doing something that involves clanking and scrubbing and flushing upstairs. And I'm still waiting for a call from the mechanic telling me my van is ready and that my account won't drain entirely to cover the expense.
But for the moment, just this little moment, it's all good. Even though right now, all I have is one bite of cake left.


  1. I don't drink coffee, but I've definitely had those weeks where a large pastry and a moment of silence was appreciated way more than normal.

    I'll be praying that your vacation comes quickly and is a time of rejuvenation.

  2. Sometimes all we can take is the moment...and oftentimes I have to work hard to savor it because I am just waiting for the next crisis to pop up! Hang in there, praying for you!