Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Children's Museum, a Family Fire, and Grandpa-Back Rides

Tuesday morning it was cold and rainy so we opted for a morning at the Children's Museum. It was a good choice because it kept the kids active and the museum was not very busy at all. No school field trips and no kids on Thanksgiving break yet. (Whew!)
Annalyse had a mind of her own and ran, er, waddled, from center to center seemingly oblivious to who was or wasn't around her. Now that she walks, she has no need for a parent and thinks she is Lil Miss Thing who can do everything on her own.
The boys had fun exploring and learning and playing, and Grandma had just as much fun following them from place to place and teaching them a thing or two. Annalyse was, of course, in her own world doing her own thing unless she thought someone else may be having more fun than she was, in which case she would push her little self into the center of things.
I can't remember the last time I went to a museum and relaxed. Children and museum and relaxing are not synonymous words. They're not synonymous unless Grandma is there to actually do all the work and manage all the kids. Then, and only then, are children and museum and relaxing synonymous words.
Ride 'em cowgirl! Actually, Annalyse wanted nothing to do with this horse and whined and wiggled to get off as soon as she was placed in the saddle. Apparently planting and harvesting vegetables with her brothers had a greater appeal. Like I said, she has to be smack in the center of the action.
After working on the farm, it was time to step inside some ginormous bubbles. The boys got a kick out of this, for sure. Annalyse liked it too, until she stepped right into the bubble line and sank her foot up past her ankle. After that she didn't think it was very much fun.
"Hey Gwady! Can you hheeaarrr me? Do you see any emergencies? Can you spot any bad guys? Over."
"Yeah Micah, I hear you. There are no fires by me and I don't see any bad guys that we need to chase. Over."
So much for my attempt to assemble a stellar domino train. Annalyse had them toppled ASAP. So much for my attempt to build an amazing tower. Annalyse had it disassembled in no time.
The boys donned doctor gear and played paramedic for a short few minutes, until, lo and behold, what did their wandering eyes discover...?
A firetruck! With a siren and lights and with full body gear to suit up in. If you've read anything I've every posted about my boys you know that they like, ahem, are obsessed with, firetrucks. It's all they want to be when they grow up, except for the occasional infatuation with garbage trucks and bulldozers.
Everyone knows that a Fire Chief dons a white satin bow with her helmet. It's an essential for fire-fighting efforts.
It's no secret that Grady and I are tall. Very tall. And although the air is a little fresher up where we are, we've always wondered what we'd look like a couple of feet shorter. After seeing myself smooshed down in height, I'll never again complain about being tall. Well, I'll never again complain about being tall until I have to shop for pants that don't fit me like capris.
Yup, we were meant to be tall. Seeing us even taller than we are still seemed much more natural than being shorter.
 Please meet our family, the Shorties. We're happy to look up to you from way down here.
Now, please meet our family the Giants. We're happy to look down on you from way up here.
After a full day at the museum, the cold and rainy evening beckoned for a cozy evening in the living room around the fireplace. While Grandpa got the fire going, the boys rattled off every fire safety rule they could think of.
For a few minutes, the room sort of resembled a Little House on the Prairie moment: Grandma reading books and Grandpa playing games by a crackling fire. All was quiet. All was peaceful.
But little boys will be little boys and after a few minutes of serenity, they wanted to liven things up and wrestle with Grandpa. Rather than wrestle (again), Grandpa offered horsey-back rides around the living room. If only my kids knew how fortunate they are to have a Grandpa that can do these sorts of things with them!
We rounded out the night by cracking open peanuts and watching a movie together. It was nice. Wonderful actually.

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