Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Visit from the Greats

My grandparents and aunt have taken a couple of weeks to vacation in the South East and stopped by our home on Friday to visit for the day. In preparing for their visit, I explained to the boys that my grandparents were their great grandparents.  

Me: "They are older than Grandpa and Grandma because they are Grandpa's Mom and Dad."

Grady Lee: "So they are very, very, very old, huh?

Me: "Yes, they are old but that's what makes it extra special that they are coming to visit. Not many boys and girls your age have great grandparents that are healthy and able to travel to come visit. Be sure to give them a nice hug when they get here, okay?"

Micah: "But it has to be a gentle hug because they might break, right Mom?

Me: "Um, yes a gentle hug... but, um, no, they won't break. Probably."

While waiting for their car to pull up on Friday morning, my boys perched themselves by the window sill and waited with their binoculars. 
I'm pleased to announce that when Great Papa, Great Grandma, and Great Aunt Betty arrived, my boys gave hugs to all - and gentle ones at that. The weather was beautiful so we walked to the local park to spend some time playing.
It's true: my Grandpa may be getting up there in age, but he is very young at heart. I mean, seriously, how many not-quite-80-year-olds do you know that get excited to use the zip line at the playground? Mine does. And he used it. Several times!
Grandma and Aunt Betty strolled with Annalyse and enjoyed her chatter and eagerness to point at everything. That's her new trick as of late: pointing and getting so excited to show you something.
After lunch, Annalyse napped and Grady Lee read some books to Grandpa and Grandma. You know the kind: "Rat can pat. Cat can pat. Rat and Cat can pat...." While my grandparents probably weren't thrilled with the story line, they were happy to hear Grady Lee beginning to read.
When Annalyse woke up she resumed her rightful spot in someone's arms or lap. Attention: she got it. Kisses: she got them. Smiles: she shared them.
Thank goodness for other people willing to do puzzles with Micah! He chooses the same one again and again and I've reached my breaking point for ever wanting to do it again. Grandma and Aunt Betty, however, ooed and ahhed as they helped Micah put it together.
And all too soon it was 5:00 pm and time for goodbyes. A fast day together, but a fun day together. I'm so thankful for family from Michigan that is willing to drive the distance to North Carolina. I'm especially thankful for Grandparents that love their grandkids and great grandkids and make time to be together. 


  1. This sweet post warms my heart! What a precious extended family you have & it truly is a blessing for your kids to get to know SO many generations! Looks like it was a very fun day & like most fun days, over all too soon!

  2. I agree with Melanie - how sweet it is that they still have "greats" to hug and play with them!