Saturday, October 15, 2011

How Dare We

How dare we attend a church and not serve that church. Or, sit in a pew and receive Truth and not share that Truth. Or, receive encouragement and fellowship and not generously offer those things to others.

How dare we attend a church week after week, month after month, year after year, and not know our pastors. Know them individually and personally, more than just a name. Know what team they cheer for, what author they respect, what sweet treat they can't say no to, or what frustrations they hold.

How dare we attend a church and not financially give to that body. More than the token ten dollar bill that we flip in the basket. More than the "I already tithe so why tack on more for missions and maintenance and love offerings?"

How dare we attend a church and not give our time to that body. Or use our God-given gifts for his service. Or use our talents and ambitions to enable kingdom-building efforts to grow.

Did you know October is Pastor Appreciation Month? Probably didn't read that in the bulletin. Likely didn't hear an announcement from the platform. But it is. And you have the privilege to do something about it.

Show your pastor you appreciate him by being more than an attender - become a member. Be more than a hearer - be a doer. Be more than a reactor - be an initiator.

Show your pastor you appreciate him by saying thanks. A card or a gift. Who can say no to Starbucks? Maybe just an email - five minutes of your time could be the highlight of his entire day.

Show your pastor you appreciate him by participating. Attend a class. Join a study. Serve in a ministry. Open your wallet. Or how about a handshake and a hug? Most pastors I know don't bite.

Mostly, show your pastor you appreciate him by covering him and his family in your prayers. We have no idea the battle he faces, the discouragement he endures, and the loneliness he feels. Our prayers give us a direct link to God on his behalf. I promise that when you faithfully pray for someone it's really hard to not care about that person. Time invested in prayer results in a personal interest in the care and well-being of that individual. And, who better to love and care for than our pastor?

Go ahead, use the rest of this month to love your pastor. I dare you.


  1. Excellent post, Sarah! You are definitely right & I need to get moving on some ways to show our appreciation to our wonderful pastors!

  2. There are no words, Sarah. Brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for your caring spirit. And amazing how God speaks...this went right along with Dr. Munro's message today serve faithfully, give our best to our Lord. Thanking Him constantly for the ministry He's given us. I feel so blessed to be called to serve alongside my husband in the ministry that He alone has called us to. Love you and thanking God for your ministry to our college students!

  3. My husband is a pastor and this post warmed my heart....thank you for thinking of your shepherd in a loving way...Praise God for your love for him....I am the wife of a pastor and I was personally convicted by this post! Thank you!