Thursday, October 27, 2011

Boys - Dirt - Water - Frogs - Bugs

When skies are blue, leaves are turning, temps are warm, and schoolwork is done, an afternoon of recess is top priority! 
Both boys enjoyed a long afternoon in our backyard woods while Annalyse napped. (Relax, Grady was working from home so he was inside in the event Annalyse woke up.)
The boys love being in the dirt and water and trees, but I hesitate to spend time there in the summer because the trees and underbrush are so think that it's hard to maneuver around. Once leaves start to fall, however, it's a great place to play.
Who can throw a rock the farthest? Who can make the biggest splash? Who can hit the log on the other side? When you're five and three these are super fun games. When you're 33, these are super fun chances to sit outside and relax.
While exploring along the creek, Grady Lee stopped suddenly and screamed, "Mom! Look! I see deer tracks! We have to be very quiet so we can find him and maybe get close!" Great job spotting the deer tracks... nice thought about being quiet and getting close.
Jumping from rock to rock to cross the creek, the only to get wet was, of course, Micah Man. This was a given before even getting close to the water.
Blazing their own trail, forging their own path, making their own fort, finding their own fishing poles. Talk about a fun recess!
Have you heard me mention before that I love Fall? Because I do. A lot. And in case I haven't mentioned it already, I enjoy being outside. A lot.
Of course an experience outside inevitably means some sort of critter is caught and caged. Today's lucky catch: Freddy the Frog. Again.
And, since several of you have asked about Verde, our "pet" praying mantis, you'll be happy to know that Grady Lee also caught a monster-size Daddy Long-legs and promptly fed him to Verde.
Boys and dirt and frogs and bugs. This is my life, folks, and I'm sticking to it.


  1. Best.recess.EVER!
    And you need to bring Verde (or some of his brothers) over here...we have grandaddy long legs & other spiders galore!

  2. Love that you guys get to play in the woods for recess! Olivia was looking over my shoulder at all the "critters" - she says Grady is super good at catching things!

  3. You seriously have the best backyard ever! What a fun-filled recess and a great way to spend a beautiful fall afternoon!!!

  4. I agree that you have a pretty awesome backyard there. We had a couple of bees fly in from the balcony yesterday...I guess that's the city version!

    I love that you are definitely a boys' momma for your two nature loving, fire putting out, rough and tumble boys (though I know you are a great girl's mom, too).