Saturday, September 3, 2011


It's no secret that my boys like firemen and firetrucks. It's actually more than like. Maybe in love with them. Or maybe obsess about them. It's a little shady on what's considered normal and healthy and what's over-the-top. We may be reaching over-the-top.

I know the neighbors know because my boys shriek siren noises while riding bikes. I know Sunday school teachers know because my boys ask to pray for the firemen at prayer request time. And I know you know because I've had too many posts mentioning their love for all things fire.
It's been months, maybe even a year, since we've stopped by Firehouse Subs for dinner. Thanks to my friend Melanie and her kind reminder that kids eat free every Wednesday and Sunday, we surprised the boys with dinner out "where firemen eat big sandwiches so they stay strong for fighting fires."
Prior to entering the restaurant I made it crystal clear that no siren noises were allowed. None. Nada. Zilch. This was for everyone's sake - not just my personal embarrassment that their siren noises bring.
Not usually kids that prefer deli sandwiches, both boys ate every last crumb of their sandwich since they knew they were "fireman sandwiches that have special ingredients to help make me strong for fighting fires." I didn't put the false notion in their minds about special ingredients for getting strong, but since they were convinced of this and actually eating everything, I didn't bother to correct them either.
Thank you Firehouse Subs for feeding, for free, two future firemen that "need big muscles to carry axes and climb ladders to fight fires." Your meatball sub and turkey and cheese sub did two bodies good.


  1. How fun!

    Do the fire stations in Charlotte do free tours, etc.? I know at least some in Chicago do, but I haven't ventured there yet with the kids.

  2. Yay!! Sounds like the perfect junior fireman in training outing!! Your boys are adorable, but I'm SO curious to know if this is where the comment to the policeman was made??!!