Thursday, September 1, 2011

Before It Begins

Today is September 1st, and for a lot of us this means fall has begun even though it hasn't officially begun on the calendar. (But really, who needs the stars and moon to align in perfect order before claiming it's fall?) 

It's an unspoken that once August 31st sets and September 1st dawns, the summer decor comes down and pumpkins and apples and hay bales come out. 
We're tired of the heat and ready for the cooler weather. And, if we're being honest, mostly just ready for new options in our wardrobe.

It might only be the first of September, but most of us have calendars that are filled to overflowing with activities and events and obligations that take us through Christmas. Fall just seems to happen that way.
But, before we say goodbye to summer and hello to fall, I encourage you to find time to enjoy the remnants of summer. Eat another (frostbitten) popsicle. Run through the sprinkler one last time. Enjoy flip-flops and painted toenails. Run barefoot in the grass and catch fireflies.
I know you're eager to deflate the pool gear and put the sundresses to rest, but don't just yet. Not until you've deliberately taken time to enjoy summer one last time. Do it or else it will suddenly be November and you'll find yourself wishing for a warm, sunny day or a swim in the pool or a picnic outside... or something other than fall time.

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