Friday, August 19, 2011

This Is My Life: Friday

Happy Friday.

I always look forward to Fridays. It means the end of a work week and it means there's more family time coming over the next couple of days. 

First up, again, was two loads of laundry. It's a habit, really. For me, it's much easier to do a load or two every day rather than have an entire day devoted to sorting, washing, drying, folding, and putting away. I prefer to pace myself.
After breakfast, the boys talked to Grandma for a few minutes. Actually, Micah muttered a few words but wasn't all that interested in talking. Even she doesn't rank above Curious George, who happened to be on at the time.
Friday's are typically cleaning days: floors, bathrooms, and dusting.
The boys have plenty of ways they help and they know that every Friday morning it's time to assume their roles.
I pass on the things I don't enjoy doing, cause I remember my Mom doing the same thing to me. I have bitter memories of dusting the chair and table legs in the dining room. Seriously? You want me to lay under the table and wipe up spilled milk spots and dust food crumbs? I know, I know, someone had to do it. And now, someone has to dust my stair railings and floorboards and my boys are the lucky recipients.
Annalyse stayed happy and content in the playroom, probably chuckling to herself: "Haha! I get to pull the 'I'm too little and can't help yet' card!"
A couple of weeks ago I finally discovered which outlets to use for optimal reach with the vacuum. After four years in this house, this was reason to celebrate. I got through all the vacuuming today, but, bummer of bummers, I ran out of time to mop.
While vacuuming, Annalyse prepared a yummy snack of plastic grapes and rubber apples. Delicious.
An early lunch at 11:00 and then we hit the pool from 11:30-1:30. Thank you school age kids for returning to your classrooms so that we can enjoy the pool alone these next couple of weeks. In fact, my boys were rather concerned when we arrived and there wasn't another soul there. "What happened to all the people, Mom? Are they all sick?"
I'm personally tiring of trekking to the pool, but I know the boys will hate to see it close in September. So, in the next two weeks I'm making it a goal to visit as much as possible. Maybe I'll even have Annalyse swimming on her own by then. You never know.
Micah and Annalyse napped from 2-4:00, while Grady Lee watched a movie and I made dinner and folded laundry. Exciting.

Dinner at 5:30 and out the door at 6:15 to an appointment for family pictures. The good news: we were taking pictures outside at a local park. The bad news: we were taking pictures outside at a local park.

The green grass and blue skies with natural sunlight make for awesome pictures. The woods and the dirt and the playground make for restless boys. I win some; I lose some.

Because the boys handled them selves with relative self-control and obedience, we treated them to ice cream afterward. Grady Lee then asks, "But you shouldn't get any ice cream, Mom, cause you yelled at me when I wasn't smiling." Ouch. I'm not sure I yelled, but there were a few of the classic, "You had better smile or else..." statements said through clenched teeth because I was trying to simultaneously smile. Genuine, I know.

Now it's 9:00. Kids are in bed and Grady and I are settling in for a movie.

And I'm done documenting my week. Monday through Friday has been more than enough play-by-play in my family life. More than enough. Way more than enough.

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  1. Cute, cute pics today!! Is that the adorable bow from yesterday at Target, too cute! I love that your boys are such good helpers! We also find it best to keep up with laundry every day...though we generally do a load or two every evening & then I fold & put it away the next day.