Sunday, August 7, 2011

Myrtle Beach - The Family

I don't have a photogenic family. We wiggle. We squint. We fake smile. We get tired. And yes, I'm purposefully using the pronoun we because it absolutely includes me!

Seriously Micah, I don't think standing here to take a picture is as painful as you're making it look.
Nope, not yet Micah. It's not time for a silly picture - let's just get everyone to look at the camera and smile first.
Micah, please stop pouting. Annalyse, the camera is the other way baby doll. Grady Lee, stand nice and tall. Grady, stay patient. Sarah, don't fake smile too big.
Alright - how about a change in scenery. Nope... Grady Lee is in his own world and Micah looks like the sun is shining directly in his face even though it's long since set.
Not too shabby... progress?
Fine - just be silly if that will make this a fun experience for you. I know, Annalyse, Daddy's growl is a little scary, but turn around honey.
Goodness, we have to work on teaching my boys how to make "cool" poses.
 Grady Lee, is your back made of noodles? Sit up buddy! Micah man, look at the camera!
Probably the best we'll get... why is this so difficult?
 Good Grady, nice gentle hug. Micah, she doesn't have cooties so you can sit closer.
Yup, closer still. Inch on over please.
 Whatever - you're all looking so that's all I'll ask for now.
 Yes, Micah, we're done. You don't have to fake smile and sit still any longer. Go run and play!
The proud parents of those crazy and wiggly three kids. What have we gotten ourselves into?! And just think, this handsome man thinks it would be a blast to have at least three more. Can you even imagine the attempts for family pictures then?
 My Baby Girl... sweetheart, precious, darling. Love this little body!
Unbeknownst to me, Grady snapped several pictures of me singing and rocking Annalyse. She was nodding off to sleep and it was a sweet few minutes with her on the beach. I'm so glad he thought to capture some of it on camera because moments like this are fleeting and by next summer's beach trip, she'll be running and splashing with her brothers.
Our family had a great time away. A great time being active together. A great time laughing together. A great time exploring and discovering together. 

Yes, there were moments when Grady and I exchanged glances and silently asked each other, "Seriously? Why didn't we bring some babysitting help? I haven't relaxed yet so this is hardly vacation!"

But it's all part of the fun. The memory. The experience. The journey. And I wouldn't change a thing about it. I love my family - Grady Lee's quirky tendencies, Micah's pouty independence, Annalyses's dramatic cries, and my husband's deep devotion to loving his kids in exciting ways. 

My cup runneth over.


  1. Sarah I thought your pictures were beautiful, but I do understand your difficulties! My trick to the perfect picture...Photoshop! Just take a bunch of the same pose and then merge the best of each together, if you want the perfect pose that it. I kinda like the squirmy ones myself, shows a little personality:)

  2. I have found that you have to have 2 crazy grandparents in the background jumpy and singing to make any family pictures work....and you need to take about 300 shots and you are guaranteed to get 1 good one:) Your shots are priceless though, Sarah!!

  3. What a great vacation! Thanks for sharing : ) Your children are just so adorable.

  4. I wholeheartedly agree with Grady...have THREE more!!! I love Peeler kids! Your pics all turned out great...very REAL! :-) Glad you guys had a good time at the beach. I wonder how close/far we were from each other!

  5. Sara, We take a family picture once a month... i always find that strangers take the best family pictures because nobody wants to act funny infront of a stranger... :) Keep doing it , A LOT! and it will come easy for those squirmy boys! I love your blog so much as it really takes me back to what it was and still is like with ours!