Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Here Comes Trouble

Nope, not lipstick. Nope, not blueberries at lunch. Nope, not a misplaced marker.
This, ladies and gentlemen (do gentlemen really read this stuff?), is the result of chewing on her older brother's painted wooden snake. Lovely, eh?
She is none too quick on the stairs, but she 's mastered them. Her legs are too short to troop up them with much speed, but this is her favorite place to dart the minute the gate comes down.
Giddy-up! Ride 'em cowgirl! (Dada-lum-dada-lum... dada-lum-dum-dum...)
With toes that barely reach the floor, she's learning to scoot and has overcome her fear of hearing the horsie neigh and sing each time the wheels roll. When she's not riding it, you can bet one of her brothers are.
I figured that since I have no green thumb, it couldn't possibly hurt to start on Annalyse early and hope that she'll find a knack for keeping plants alive.
She's not really into planting and watering her flowers at her garden table yet, but is excellent at taste-testing each of them. Wait a minute, she is watering them!
All in a morning's work... acquiring blue lips, climbing mountains, galloping through the house, and tending the flowers. It's not easy being a little girl!


  1. Now that's one precious, adorable, active little girl! Love her!

  2. Who new "trouble" could be THAT cute!!! Looks like she's keeping you on your toes!!!!