Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fleeting Moments

Sometimes I get tired with messes, but I know someday I'll miss the moments of laughter that came from the creative play.
Sometimes I wish meals weren't so much work, but I know someday I'll miss the tiny pincher grasp reaching for new foods and eyes opening wide with wonder at a new taste.
Sometimes I get tired of tripping on toys, but I know someday I'll miss the sight of carefree play happening all over the house.
Sometimes I get frustrated when you try to help, but I know someday I'll wish with all my heart I had an eager buddy at my side asking to help.
Sometimes I roll my eyes at the "Really, you did it again?" kind of things, but I know someday it'll be just dad and I and we won't have the annoying reminders to laugh about later.
Sometimes I wish it wasn't so loud and rough and tumble, but I know someday I'll be lonely with the quiet and calm and organized.
Sometimes I run out of ideas for where to display the "You have to keep it!" pieces of artwork, but I know someday I will have bare walls and windows and refrigerator doors.
And sometimes I simply sit back, close my eyes, smile, and whisper, "Thank you Jesus for these blessings that tire me out. These fleeting moments are precious and I'm grateful You gave them to me."


  1. What a beautiful reminder of how sweet these, often chaotic, days are.

  2. Yep, sat and cried with this one because it's true. One day they will fly the coop..and it comes quickly! I'm finding that out now. Caleb enters his senior year of high school tomorrow. I thank God everyday for my blessings. He has truly blessed me with children I do not deserve.
    Loved your posting today!
    PS The neat thing is that the clutter and those toys have been replaced with countless nights of card playing and games around a table with my now "mostly adult" children!!! :)

  3. Amen & amen! I love this & try to remember it every day!