Monday, August 29, 2011

Eager Scientists

All it took was discovering a teeny-weeny snail in the backyard. The intense excitement over the discovery warranted an immediate rush to locate the magnifying glasses. 
Over an hour (yes hour) later, the boys were still roaming the backyard "investigating discoveries in the wild nature."
A very large, but dead, Cicada. Several big acorns. Sticks and bark. Stones and flower petals. Leaves and sand. You name it and they studied it. Oh, and don't forget the banana sticker from their quick snack while hunting the yard.

Mr. or Miss Dead Cicada was the winner for most fascinating find. So fascinating that when the boys came inside they asked to "search the computer for pictures of where the bug sleeps and what he eats."

Thank you Google and Wikipedia and for the plethora of facts, pictures, videos, and sounds of cicadas around the world. I thought it was, well, gross; my boys were enthralled.
It's almost 5:00 pm and my boys are wondering when it will be dark so they can go outside and listen for the cicadas to come out. I've tried to explain that the very loud and very annoying buzz we hear every night is the cicadas. They still want it to be dark so they "can hear it tonight because now we know all about them and they are nice bugs to have."

Speak for your self, boys, speak for yourself.

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