Monday, July 18, 2011

Wonderful, Amazing, Grace-Filled Blessings

I was reflecting the other day and remembering that at this time last year I was very big, very sick, and very tired. I was seven months pregnant and more than ready to have my Baby Girl. I don't wear pregnancy well - and I especially didn't wear pregnancy well in 100 degree temperatures with two boys that wanted to swim everyday. 
As I watched my boys jump (again and again and again) into the pool while Annalyse sat in her stroller snacking, I couldn't help but think, "Wow - I'm so blessed. So wonderfully, amazingly, gracefully blessed."
I have three kids who are healthy and full of energy for each day. I have three kids who function well and are developing steadily. I have three kids who smile and laugh and bring new adventures to each moment.

Those are blessings. Wonderful, amazing, grace-filled blessings.
I have three kids who challenge and grow my patience every day. I have three kids who need me and depend on me for everything. I have three kids who were born without a Savior and need intentional shepherding.

And yes, even these are all blessings. Wonderful, amazing, grace-filled blessings.
I want to see the Spirit's fruit planted and growing in their lives, but I know I need to first cultivate it in my own life. If I'm not patient, I can't expect my kids to be. Do you see the blessing? Their often whiny and needy presence is a lesson in patience for me.
I can usually balance several spinning plates and keep things going without significant delay or discouragement. But I can't promise safety, health, and heaven.  Do you see the blessing? My kids remind me that I can only meet their true needs when I first entrust their tiny lives and eternal souls with their heavenly Father.
Some days I look at my kids and am overwhelmed with their stubbornness, willfulness, and selfishness. But a moment later I can look at them and find joy and love flooding my heart because I have the privilege of raising them.

Some days I know my kids look at me and are frustrated by a Mom who demonstrates impatience, grumpiness, and selfishness. But, it's in those moments where I can look at them and explain what forgiveness and grace are because I have the privilege of knowing Jesus.
And so all of this is a blessing. A wonderful, amazing, grace-filled blessing.

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  1. Amen friend! I too have been overwhelmed lately at how "rich" we are!!! Too often I look around and see what we lack...but we are so abundantly blessed!!! :-) Looking forward to the BLESSING of this weekend!