Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Charlotte Nature Center

Just when I think we've seen enough bugs and rodents and reptiles, and just when I think we've exhausted our trips to local museums, my boys repeatedly ask for more. They enjoy nature and they love exploring and touching. So, rather than spend another day poolside, we visited our local nature center, yet again.

We arrived just in time to catch a puppet show about various insects and how they lay eggs and hatch. Eeww. I wasn't the least bit interested in learning about baby ants and spiders and butterflies, but my boys were fascinated. 
There were lots of animals to see - some to touch and some to just look at. I'm a sucker for anything that's fuzzy and soft. Grady Lee has picked up on my sentiment and when he sees baby animals he'll usually say, "Look Mom! A tiny baby that is so soft and cuddly, just like you like!" (This being said in a dramatic gitchy-gitchy-goo kind of tone.)
Micah was upset that he couldn't touch this small alligator, though once this thing started scooting close to the side of the aquarium and opened his mouth, Micah yelled, "His teeth are berry sharp and need to be cleaned!"
Ever wondered what a fly's eye view is? My boys found out and thought it was pretty funny. "I see lots and lots of you and Annalyse!"
This sweet thing ate Cheerios and just smiled and watched the boys explore. Thankfully she's content to sit in her stroller and doesn't whine to get down - though if she's anything like her brothers, the day she begins to walk that will all change.
While exploring the butterfly pavilion, I told the boys to look at the butterflies but not to touch any of them. We stopped to admire some butterflies on big flowers, and Grady Lee shouted, "Look! A butterfly is on Annalyse's tire!"

After a closer look, I realized this butterfly was injured and unable to fly. Because of this, I told the boys they could very gently hold it.  They were so tender and sweet as they carefully passed the butterfly from hand to hand. Micah even asked the butterfly if it needed a band aid to help its wing get all better.
The nature center isn't that big, but somehow we managed to spend an hour and a half in there. When two mini-buses with day camp kids arrived, I decided it was time to leave.
We walked some trails and enjoyed watching some ducks for a while. Grady Lee about lost it when a duck that he was trying to touch turned around and hissed at him. I couldn't help but laugh. My numerous warnings to leave the duck alone didn't have the same impact as an angry duck flaring a temper at him.
I've had my nature fill for the week and hopefully my boys have too. Think I can convince them that wandering the mall is just as fun?


  1. I love that your boys love exploring God's great world--and that you so willingly indulge them.

    I laughed out loud at Micah and the duck--it's funny how natural consequences seem to "stick" a little better than the wisdom of parents sometimes (and how true of us all).

  2. Looks like a fun way to spend a VERY hot day! As always...your boys are so sweet and Annalyse is darling!!!

  3. What is it with bugs that have kids so amazed? Garrett and Olivia have been trying to catch a caterpillar for WEEKS now :) - and I don't think you could convince them the mall was better - but don't you dislike shopping? and would rather be outside than in? :)