Thursday, July 21, 2011

Amusing Fun

Talk about a grin! A smile any wider would likely hurt.
This is a mess just waiting to happen. A fun mess, but still a mess.
Scientist in the making. Serious and focused with a touch of determination.
Effective teamwork... so long as Micah does exactly what Grady Lee tells him.
But hey, someone has to be the boss, right?
Someone is preparing to fly away, and someone else is oblivious to the ginormous fan 
creating the wind tunnel she is sitting in.
More teamwork. One guess on who is calling the shots.
"Can I feed the fishes Annalyse's Cheerios? It's their lunchtime and I can tell they're hungry."
Next visit may very well involve three sets of hands since someone is close to walking!
Puuuuuuuuulll! (For the record, Micah won.)
Ever seen or heard the Mighty Machines movies and theme song? If you haven't, you're lucky. If you have, my boys are singing that song as loud as they can while staying focused on the job at hand.
Micah: "I'm going to build a tower that touches the ceiling!"
Grady Lee: "But not a tower that touches the sky because God will make you speak a different language then."
I'm not kidding - this conversation actually happened.
It's raining, it's pouring, and my kids are captivated!
Discovery Place. Always an adventure.

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  1. Looks like SO much fun!!! Annalyse has the cutest grin!! And the Tower of Babel reference, priceless!