Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend Visitor

It's kind of cute. But mostly it's pathetic. My boys love presents. Doesn't even matter what's inside the wrapping paper - they just love to tear it open and find out what's inside.

Because all of our family lives in other states, my boys know that when someone comes to visit it means presents. It means presents because, apparently, Nanas and Grandmas think that it's important to lavish gifts on their little darlings that don't get regular doses of spoiling.

Nana came this weekend to visit, and in typical fashion, that meant presents. At least this time my boys politely let her in the door and hugged her before asking if she had a present for them.
This Nana was willing to drive 20 hours to stay here and visit for 48. I know, I know: true love and devotion, huh?
Lots and lots and lots of hugs and games and puzzles and stories and laughs and, well, pretty much anything my boys asked of her.
Even the normal, everyday kind of things, like feeding Annalyse, were fun simply cause Nana was here.
On Friday we spent the morning bowling. We had the place almost to ourselves, which was nice since my boys spent some time yelling very loud when they each got a spare.
If you haven't heard, AMF bowling offers free summer bowling for kids. Free, people, free!
Simply visit and register your child(ren) and enjoy up to two games each day, seven days a week, all summer long. I'm all about air conditioned fun that's free.
Nana treated us to dinner at Q'Doba that evening. Grady Lee asked, in all honestly, if there were quesadillas in heaven. My answer: I hope so cause they sure are good!
Friday evening the boys showed Nana a few of their tricks and moves on the slip and slide and Annalyse never had the chance to so much as whine because Nana never let her down. 

Once kids were in bed, it was time to blow up balloons and hang streamers for Grady Lee's fifth birthday! More on his special day soon...


  1. What sweet Grandma love--it is certainly a special brand all of its own!

  2. Hip, hip hurrah for Nanas! Looks like such a wonderful visit & WOW, true love is right, a 20 hour drive...but from the looks on your kids' faces...every minute was worth it!