Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Staying Wet

Swimming is fun. Swimming with kids is fun. Swimming with extended family is fun. Swimming with an old friend from high school and her kids is fun. But, swimming with nine kids under the age of five is really fun.
With all that tiny body cuteness, you would think I would have been more proactive in taking pictures. For some reason, though, keeping my three kids from drowning took precedence.
With lots of swimming and jumping and splashing and spraying and cannon-balling, everyone worked up appetites for lunch. But, because there was so much to do and so many people to play with, lunch happened in phases. Thank goodness for adult swim every ten minutes on the hour.
My boys told me "this is the best pool ever, except for the pool at Carowinds. And except for the pool at Micah and Weah's house. And except for the pool at the hotel in Atlanta." Well then, glad this pool ranked somewhere on your sliding scale of fun.
With all due respect, this is what I affectionately call "nerdy cuteness." Goggles on little kids are just funny - always. The band is usually twisted 13 times, the lens is usually too fogged to even allow the kid to see, and hair is usually knotted and sticking everywhere. For sure nerdy cuteness.
Thank you Kristi for driving to Charlotte to spend the day. Thank you Lynn for sharing your pool with us. And, thank you Jesus for keeping all of our kids breathing and laughing despite the sometimes crazy moments of keeping up with them all.


  1. Sounds like it was SUCH a great day! Fun is always more fun when it is multiplied by great friends!