Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Look Who!

Look who is on the move! No longer just scooting with her arms, she's up and at 'em on all fours.
Look who loves the water! Splashing, kicking, playing, laughing. Bath time is 100% play time.
Look who is getting better at using her fingers to pinch and pick up! Still not a fan of actual food pieces, but definitely in love with her Gerber Puffs.
And look who loves this little girl more than she ever thought was possible? Head over heels. Wrapped around my pinky. 


  1. I love this girl...she is absolutely adorable!!! That first pic of her looking up is just priceless!

  2. Sarah, Annalyse is an absolute doll! Precious in every way! And I'm a bit jealous to see she's already taking after her beautiful tall & slender mama!

  3. She is such a happy baby!! Seriously, she is so cute. What a blessing, Sarah.

  4. How sweet!! Loving that big grin she has! Keep enjoying every minute of it. On another note thanks for stopping by my blog! Stop by again if you get the chance I've got another book giveaway and entry should be low...
    Michelle A-Tisket A-Tasket (i've been having problems commenting through my google account.