Thursday, June 30, 2011

It Ain't Your Average VBS

Imagine 600 kids in one building for one week. Imagine 600 kids yelling and singing and running and learning. Imagine 600 kids hearing God's Truth and discovering how to apply it. And yes, you may as well imagine the related headaches, fatigue, and sweaty smells.
But, it's all worth it. It's all worth it because it's a jam-packed week of fun with one goal: pointing kids to Jesus.
I spent the week serving with the preschoolers and had the chance to spend a little bit of time with both boys. I was usually holding the hands of other kids or juggling one child on my back and one on my hip, but there were quick moments when I could give my boys a squeeze and ask if they were having fun. The resounding answer: "Yes!"
One thing is certain: VBS has come a long way since my experience as a kid. Flannel graph - what's that? Crayons and construction paper - no way. Vanilla wafers and Kool-Aid - are you kidding me? Bible freeze tag - you must be joking.
VBS today involves DVDs, PowerPoints, hip-hop songs (bet you've never wrapped John 3:16 before), water balloons, homemade ice cream, design-your-own water bottles, and a drama with a set design that is almost worth paying to see.
It was a race each morning trying to get three kids dressed and fed and in the car by 7:30 in order to arrive to church at 8:00. And, if I'm being honest, I didn't make roll-call on time each day. Oops.
Grady Lee can't stop singing and doing the motions from the new songs he's learned. Micah wants to carry his water bottle with him everywhere. And Annalyse is, well, she's delirious after a week of no morning nap and being catapulted off her regular routine.
I had several moments this past week where I sat back and watched friends serve and lead and minister and thought to myself, "Really? Really?! [Insert multiple names of friends] is amazing!" It was exciting to see friends participate in the opening drama - who knew I had amazing actor friends? It was fun to see friends help lead the singing and dancing (yes, dancing). It was wonderful to see kids respond to the excitement and leadership of people who are enthusiastic about serving.
And now it's Thursday afternoon and the non-stop VBS fun since Sunday is over. My kids are sad. I'm sure all 600 kids that attended are sad. But I think the 100+ volunteers that made the week possible are breathing a small sigh and looking for an opportunity to nap.

Thank you Jesus for a wonderful week with so many answers to prayers - and even answers that far surpassed the goals and hopes we had. We give all honor back to you for what you did this week!


  1. Seriously, how on EARTH did you get this post written SO fast! SuperBlogWoman you are! I think I may just link to this post instead of writing my own! You are RIGHT, it was a GREAT week! Thanks for loving on Darcy & serving with the joy & wholeheartedness that you always do!!! And now I'm going to take a nap!!

  2. how fun! I laughed when you mentioned the flannel graph - brings back memories : ) You know what's funny? My Mom saved all of her old flannel graph material from her Sunday School teaching days and now my girls love to play with it and have Grandma teach them. Fun for them but I don't think it will make a comeback : )

  3. I'm sad it's over, too!!! It was SO fun! Love your post and all your photos. "For GOD loved the world in this WAY...!" Blessings!