Friday, May 27, 2011

Eight Months!

Annalyse Joy - you are indeed a complete and total joy! Precious. Delicate. Sweet. Darling. Ours!
You're now eight months and are working hard to crawl. You are surprisingly quick at scooting around the room on your tummy while pulling with your arms. It's the whole getting on your hands and knees thing that is stumping you. But I know it's going to happen any day now and life will get all the busier!
You've started eating some finger foods and it's comical to watch. For every puff or banana piece that actually makes it to your mouth, there are seven or ten other pieces stuck to your chin and neck or wrapped tight in your fist.
You sleep wonderfully. Your play contentedly. You are very easy-going. Can you pinky-promise me that you'll stay this way?
I think you weigh about 15 pounds - give or take a few ounces. Still a light-weight, but every fiber of your being is wrapped tight around our hearts. Your brothers can't get enough of you and your Daddy is already looking forward to tea dates and dances.
Your gurgle a lot and when no one seems to paying attention, you get louder and louder - often turning red in the face from straining to yell so loud. I'll admit, sometimes I ignore you on purpose because it's so funny to see you get worked up for the sake of some attention.
Annalyse Joy - you are indeed a complete and total joy! Precious. Delicate. Sweet. Darling. Ours!
(Thank you Bryan for these beautiful pictures!)


  1. I totally agree...precious, delicate, sweet, darling AND BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  2. Oh, what DARLING pictures!! Love them & love your sweet little joy, too! Happy 8 Months Annalyse!!