Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Jersey Or Bust: Part III

Whew-eee! Lest you think we've up and moved to NJ because of the ridiculous amounts of pics and details I've posted lately, let me assure you we are still here in NC. The pics and details are for family members who want the memories to live on.

Sunday was, of course, church. Micah didn't enjoy his new class since "it had lots of babies and only baby toys to play with" and Grady Lee thought his class was fun but didn't "remember what the story was about because the teacher was a little bit boring." So there you have it - from the mouths of babes - the most important aspects of church: toys and stories.
We returned to Uncle Marc and Aunt Beki's home again on Sunday, and Grady Lee made sure to draw a special thank you card for "Uncle Marc sharing his really fast firetruck." 

Notice the person in the drivers seat. Grady Lee informed me that "is a picture of me because I'm going to be a fireman when I grow up." This is a new career direction since, last I heard, he was aiming to be a garbage collector so he could drive a big, loud truck all day.
More extended family arrived on Sunday and the kids ran around the yard for an Easter egg hunt.
Rather than stuff eggs with candy that no one needs, Nana opted to stuff the eggs with dimes and nickels that everyone needs!
Since coming home, my boys have dropped the coins in their piggy banks and are asking "when we can go to Target and buy new goggles for swimming?" I'm not sure why they've decided on buying goggles, but I suppose it's better than a lot of other trinkets they could choose.
Annaylse got her own bucket but no eggs for it. Instead, she got hundreds of kisses and lots of oohs and aahs. I'm sure she preferred the latter anyway.
Grady did his best to wow the crowd with a juggling act...
... but my SIL stole the show when she burst out in cartwheels and round-offs. She may have just turned thirty, but she is years away from being old and frumpy and boring.
And, in case she is devastated that I actually included that picture, here is a darling picture of the two of us. Two sisters named Sarah. What are the odds?
Horses from a neighboring yard grabbed the attention of the kids so we wandered over to pet them and feed some apples. Micah asked "why do the horses have coats on but not hats?" Good question kid, good question.
Grady Lee had no fear when feeding the horses and just laughed and giggled when they'd nuzzle his hand and take an apple piece. He's asked before for a pet fish or pet frog - I'm just wondering when the plea for a pet horse is coming.
And, here is the Champion Driver that got our family from NC to NJ safe and sound. The bestest daddy. The wonderfulest husband. The funnest friend. The coolest partner.
After a fun afternoon outside we enjoyed a wonderful salad bar and lasagna spread. Aunt Beki just can't do anything sub-par. It's all or nothing... and she always falls on the "all" side of things. As usual, she went above and beyond to make everyone welcome and prepare delicious food.

Before the meal, Uncle Marc asked Grady to bless our food. He did, and then he asked Grady Lee if he wanted to pray, too. Without hesitation, my little man folded his hands, squeezed his eyes shut, and prayed.

A sweet moment that I'll always remember. A simple moment, but a sweet moment. I'm thankful for a husband that wants to teach spiritual leadership at an early age. (And puh-lease, you know you would have taken a picture too if it was your kid doing the praying.)
I think Uncle Marc, Alaina, and Grady Lee are building a fire station, but maybe I'm just imagining that since I feel like that's all Grady Lee talked about the entire weekend after riding on the firetruck.
It was a whirlwind weekend, that's for sure, but it was jam-packed with memory-making fun and laughs.
As this picture suggests, at least from my kids, by the end of the weekend we were tired and worn out. Annalyse never had a normal nap and went to bed late each night, but bless her heart, never showed signs of being delirious.
There you have it. The journaling of NJ Or Bust is a wrap... that's all folks!

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  1. Hmmm.... I need to work a little harder to get Grady Lee to want to be an Accountant when he grows up!

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