Saturday, April 9, 2011

All In A Days Work

The boys have come leaps and bounds this year in their schooling. It's so fun to see their minds grow and their abilities begin to sharpen. They both love to be read to and do anything art-related.
Grady Lee is especially interested in numbers and "doing math like daddy does at work." Yikes - do I have an accountant in the making?
After Grady Lee's art class on Thursday we had a picnic lunch and enjoyed the playground for a while. I think every other mom had the same idea and we didn't stay long since the playground was small and was basically standing room only.
Who wants to build towers and space ships inside when the weather is perfect outside? Pffsshh - my boys totally don't.
The boys decided that, in the words of Micah, their bikes "needed a bath so they were clean and shiny as a whistle." Shiny as a whistle? I have no idea where he heard that one - it's not on my library of cliches.

Squirt guns to the rescue and in no time at all, their bikes were, indeed, shiny as a whistle.
And check out who is happy, happy, happy sit and look around! Touching the grass and feeling the breeze and sitting tall give such exciting new perspectives on life.
After all that hard work - you know, the hard work of watching her brothers play hard (and loud), being toted to class and a picnic, exploring the green grass - it's just soooo hard to keep those eyes open! What's a girl to do?

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