Friday, March 25, 2011

The Simple Things

Grady and I received an unexpected gift in the mail this week. We were shocked when we opened a box and discovered our old wedding invitation and a block of chocolate.

But not just any chocolate. Chocolate molded in the shape of the famous "Rock" from our ala mater, Cedarville University. The Rock was notoriously painted for messages, pranks, and celebrations during our college years.
The crazy thing is that this gift came from the Director of Campus Activities, better known as Chief, who has since partially retired. Chief filed our wedding invitation away and now, 10 years later, thought to send a note and a gift to celebrate the milestone.

Like I said, we were shocked.

He remembers us? From 11 years ago? Amongst the thousands of students he interacts with each year? Wow. Just wow.

What Simple Thing made you smile this week?

P.S. Simple Thing #2... my wedding dress still fits! Every year I try it on, and I'm happy to say that at mile marker 10, it still fits. Um, no, I didn't take pictures.


  1. Actually, I think Chief still takes credit for getting us together, since we were a part of his organization and on a trip that he sponsored when you saw the light and realized I was the one...

  2. I would say still fitting in your wedding dress after three children is not a "simple" thing! Good for you!

    It is something particularly wonderful to be remembered by someone you remember so fondly. Thanks for sharing.

  3. How fun! That is an awesome surprise. We'll be in Cedarville this May...maybe we'll paint the real rock in celebration of your 10 years! :)

  4. What a great surprise! It is so nice to get such an unexpected gift from someone special. And as for your wedding dress, amazing, really! I can already tell you mine doesn't fit, although 5 out of 11 anniversaries I have been pregnant:)

  5. Okay, so totally jealous here that your wedding dress still fits, but I am not surprised in the least! And what a fantastic anniversary surprise, how utterly thoughtful & wonderful! And a very Happy Anniversary to you & Grady! You have a lot to celebrate!! Blessings sweet friend!

  6. Someone directed me to see this on your blog bc my parents just got a rock and i posted about it too! I will have to say though that this was a really thoughtful thing - really sweet.