Tuesday, March 15, 2011

If You Wanna...

For lots of complicated reasons, I don't have a Follow Me feature on my blog. Maybe some day, but not right now.

Some of you read my blog fairly regularly and have asked if "there's a way to tell when I make a new post so that I don't have to keep checking your blog every day to know?"

Guess what? There is. And it's not complicated to do. (Yes, Mom and other non-technical readers, this is for you.)

1. Open www.slpeeler.blogspot.com.

2. From the top menu bar, click Follow.

3. A Follow this blog window opens.

4. Choose to Follow publicly or Follow anonymously.

5. Click the Follow button.

6. You can now use the Dashboard to view displays of any recent posts from my blog, or others that you want to follow.

Simple, huh?

It's amazing to me that someone other than my family finds my life interesting, or at least comical enough, to read about.

It's even more amazing that you read my blog regularly, as in weekly or even daily. I'm humbled. I really am.

Thanks for your comments - via here, or email, or Face Book, or even the phone! Your insights and reactions are valuable to me.

1 comment:

  1. I just added you to my google reader. :) I enjoyed looking at the photos of your beautiful family. The scenery makes me miss living in that area of the country. I enjoy your writing style, and you *almost* make me want to try blogging myself. :)