Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Absent Again... Spring Signs

Guess who missed her Tuesday morning Bible study again? Yours truly.

Miss Annalyse has a runny nose that just won't stop. She's happy as can be, but her nose is a yucky mess so I can't put her in the nursery. Despite her darling smile, I can anticipate the constant drip from her nose being a huge turnoff for other moms dropping off their little ones in the nursery.

So, while my friends were immersed in their studies, I was at home playing with ice and beans. Literally.
I filled a bowel with cold water and then added a bunch of ice cubes. I handed the boys a long piece of yarn and told them to go fishing for ice cubes. 

Grady Lee looked at me and said, "But Mom, I need a worm and a hook to catch my ice."
I explained that they were going to simply drop their yarn into the ice bowl and I was going to pour salt on it. The salt would slowly melt the ice and cause the yarn to stick.
Oh my - the loud excitement when the first ice cube was successfully fished out of the bowl! Such simple fun.
After ice fishing got old, we had bean relay races across the kitchen. Plastic cups, plastic spoons, and dry beans. Simple fun, I tell you, simple fun.
We varied the race up a bit: walking forward, walking backward, spinning five times before walking, walking with eyes closed, etc. I'm pleased to announce that after the intense competition was over, only a couple of stray beans wound up under the stove and fridge. 
The boys stayed busy with some finger paint art, too. Can you guess which pictures are Micah's? I'll give you a hint: his look like a windstorm of flower petals and leaf buds rather than a blossoming flower or budding tree.
I haven't pulled all the winter decor down to replace it with spring, but I'm working on it. 
Bye-bye red and brown and hello white and yellow!
I bought the boys some gel stick-ons to place on the kitchen windows. They have slowly made their way into the living room and dining room... I overheard something about "My frog is trying to eat your butterfly so it better fly to another window berry, berry fast!"
And spring flowers and blossoms are everywhere! The pollen is starting to show (though it's too early for the two-inch layer of yellow on the patio furniture) and the sneezes have started.
I love spring. And I love living where spring lasts for several weeks rather than a few days. Again, bring on the white and yellow!


  1. SO sorry that you missed yet again...been there done that...although I'm not nearly as fun of a mom when we have to stay home! You do more crafts & activities in one morning than I do all week!
    Love your cute ideas!
    Oh, our kids LOVE the gel clings, too! I stock up on them every time they are in the $ Spot...
    Hope your sweet girl is feeling better soon...do you think it could be allergies? With all of the trees budding out Drew's nose has instantly started running, as well...

  2. Very very nice collection and life too. Kids are like heaven in the house.
    -Plastic Glasses

  3. great ideas for your kiddos. I like the picture of your street - the trees look beautiful. I can't wait for spring to arrive here.