Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Don't let this smile fool you. Annalyse is one sick little girl. The doctor confirmed she has low-level RSV and bronchiolitis. This tiny little thing has a cough that would make you think a dog was on the loose in our house.
So, while she is sick, I've got us on lock-down to keep her inside and away from other kids. Her brothers, however, can't handle being inside for long and have spent the morning outside playing. Annalyse has been content to sit by the front door and watch them. And I've been content to have two happy kids outside and one semi-happy kid not crying in my arms... which is where she spent most of last night.
(And, thank you Mom for calling first thing this morning to see how Annalyse was doing and to let me know you are praying her her - and all of us. Your encouragement helps the day seem brighter!)
I wish that when I was sick and feeling terrible I could muster up a smile like this. I much prefer my bed and a book and hot tea... no rolling and teething rings, thank you very much.
She has a follow-up appointment tomorrow to reevaluate her lungs and determine if she's on the mend or getting worse. An update to follow...


  1. Oh sweet girl! I'll be praying for a good report and for no one else to get sick (and for some rest for mom).

  2. Praying for your sweet little one! But she's the happiest sick baby I've ever seen! The Lord has truly blessed her with such a sweet & gentle spirit!

  3. praying for your sweet girl! thanks so much for all of your help today! you have been a God send as a friend :D

  4. Bless her heart! Praying she feels better soon!!!

  5. I am so sorry Annalyse is sick. I will be praying all tests come back that she is getting better. What a trooper she is though!