Friday, January 7, 2011

The Simple Things

Lots and lots and lots of Simple Things this week. Things that stopped me in my tracks and made me smile and say, "Thank you Jesus!"

I received a  box full of gently-used little girl clothes from a college friend. Who lives several states away. Who I haven't seen in years. And who still thought of me when she was cleaning and reorganizing a closet for her little girls.
My husband wrote some encouraging and endearing emails and I was the proud wife who got to watch while others responded with grace and love.
After Gopher Buddies this week, Grady Lee informed me that he loves "going to church where we have lots and lots of stories and songs about Jesus. And, the snacks are always very good." (At least he put Jesus before the snacks...)
Annalyse has started rolling and has discovered her fingers. I love watching her hit simple milestones and seeing her explore her surroundings.
I've been inundated with emails and messages from college students that went to Passion 2011 and are filled to overflowing with the desire to make Jesus famous and live by his truth.
And, last, but certainly not least, my mom was here for a few days this week. What is there to say other than she served and helped and encouraged and motivated me to be a better mom myself?
What about you - what Simple Things did you experience this week?

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  1. What a lovely week, Sarah! I love how you are always actively looking for the remind me of Phil 4:4-8! Have a super weekend!