Sunday, January 9, 2011

Our Turn

It came to visit. It was long overdue. It was finally our turn. It... as in the dreaded stomach bug.

Grady Lee trudged into our bedroom around 3:00 am a couple of nights ago and matter of factly said, "My tummy hurts." A few short seconds after that, he was bent over being sick. I don't think I've seen my soundly-sleeping husband jump out of bed so fast before. In fact, it was so funny it's almost worth redoing. Almost.

The next day my poor little man never left the couch in the toy room and he didn't want anything to eat all day.

If you've spent any time at all with Grady Lee, you know he has unending energy and an insatiable appetite. The fact that he didn't move and didn't eat for an entire day shows that he really and truly was sick. (His 102 temperature also clued me in that he wasn't feeling well.)
At one point, in a tiny groggy voice, he said, "Mom, I think I'm watching too much TV today." Bless his heart, he could tell he had surpassed the allotted one hour of TV each day.

In the evening, I was rubbing his back and praying that he would feel better very soon. No sooner did I say amen and he responded with, "Jesus is more powerful than anything else and he will make me better tomorrow, Mom. I think I'll have lots of energy again real soon." It was a precious, melt-my-heart moment.
Knock on wood, but almost two days later and no one else in our family has gotten sick. In fact, while I was busy keeping Micah and Annalyse quarantined from Grady Lee, I caught a cute moment of Annalyse giving lots of giggles.

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  1. Poor, sweet, Grady! The stomach bug is the worst!!!! I'm so glad he's feeling better AND that no one else has come down with it though!!! What a blessing!!!