Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mixed Feelings

You may have heard me mention Passion 2010 a time or two. Or ten. Or a hundred. I think I've talked about it a lot because it meant a lot. God used it to do a lot. God used it to change a lot. Don't remember what Passion 2010 was? Check it out here.

Grady and I have been promoting and preparing for Passion 2011 with our College Group since almost the day we got back from Passion 2010 last year. It was just that good!

I had every intention of going again this year and bringing Annalyse with me. But, the more I thought and prayed about it, the more I decided she would be a distraction and unnecessary hindrance to the effectiveness of the conference for the girls in our College Group. And, a three-month old probably shouldn't be swarmed by 25,000 people, listen to blasting music at concerts, and be expected to keep quiet during hours of speakers. 

So (after some tears), I decided to stay home and not go. Grady was 100% supportive with whatever decision I made, but sometimes I just wanted him to make a final decision for me so that I'd have someone other than myself to blame things on. Ever felt that way before too?

This morning 31 amazing, talent-filled, ambitious, God-loving people filled three vans and headed to Atlanta for Passion 2011. I'm here and they are there. I can choose to "woe-is-me" or I can choose to "God fill and change and empower them." I'm choosing the latter.

My Dad is the best. The absolute best. He reminded me the other day that, "After loving my husband, being a Mom is your highest priority right now. Your kids need your best energy and fullest attention, not the left-overs. It's not always easy to say no to other things, but a lot of times it's the best thing to do." Nothing new in what he said, but it was still full of reminders and assurances that I needed to hear. 

The good news about all of this? My mom flew in yesterday so she could spend the next few days with me while Grady is gone!

Before going to the airport to get Grandma, my boys decided they needed "to fix the stairs so they wouldn't fall down when Grandma carried her suitcase up them." They got busy and started hammering...

... and wrenching (that's a technical tool term, right?)...

... and scrubbing (every handyman uses a toothbrush on banisters, right?).

Once everything was in tip-top shape we were off to get Grandma. We were hardly parked in the cell phone lot and she called to say she was ready and waiting. As we came around the curve for the flight arrivals, Grady Lee shrieked when he saw Grandma waiting on the curb. "I see her! I see her! She's over there by the taxi's!" Apparently he didn't notice that there were taxi's everywhere.

After a Chick-Fil-A lunch, we came home and Grandma immediately assumed the role of attention-giver, laugh-maker, fun-provider, and gift-bearer. I assumed the role of take-a-deep-breath-and-relax.
Because she came from snow and cold temps, she was anxious to get outside and play. My boys, of course, did not say no to that idea.

Annalyse gave lots of smiles and did her fair share of napping. Grandma just kept saying, again and again, "It's only been two and a half months since I saw her and she's gotten so big!"
Alrighty. Are you ready for some fast-acting stunts from my Mom? From my 55 year-old Mom? From the Grandmother of my children? Take a look at this video. And yes, it's okay to admit that after seeing my mother's behavior you now understand why I am the way that I am. But it's okay - really, it is. This is precisely why my boys love and adore their Grandma!
Phew-eeee! Once her heart rate settled and once I stopped laughing, we headed home to make pizzas for dinner (again). Grady requested it and my boys are always up for it, so even though it had only been a week since our last pizza-making dinner, we were back at it again. 

The good news is that since Grandma declared her love for mushrooms, my boys followed suit and added mushrooms to their pizzas as well. Score! They ate a vegetable without me begging them to do so.
The even better news is that Grandma always handles bath time when she's here. Fine by me - one less messy chore for me to do. And, the bestestest news is that Annalyse didn't cry for the first time during her bath. That settles it: Grandma is flying here every time Annalyse needs a bath!
The fun with Grandma is just beginning. The help for me has arrived in full-force. The learning and worship for Grady and 25,000 other people is happening with intensity. It's all good. Real good.


  1. I LOVE your mom! Seriously, tears filling my eyes while I watched and laughed at that video clip. She is the coolest Grandma...ever! I will be reminding you to do this for your Grandkids in 25 years or so...:) Thanks for the smiles and a great post! Miss you! And feel free to send your mom to PA any time!

  2. What a great perspective, Sarah. May God bless those at Passion, but also you for your faithfulness to be where He's calling you right now.

    How cool is your mom! That is one impressive trick.

    Do you have a recipe for pizza dough that you all like? It's one of the things I've tried and tried and can't seem to find one we love.

  3. Aw, Sarah, I'm sorry that you didn't get to go, but I pray that God will use this time in a mighty way for those on the trip & for you, at home, enjoying the time with your mom & kids! Wow, your mom is totally impressive! And that photo of her bathing Annalyse is too precious! Happy New Year to you all!

  4. Sarah...I'm so sorry you didn't get to go to Passion this year. I remember reading about how much you enjoyed it last year. I'll be praying for Grady and the kids who are there now. I pray that God would do amazing things in their lives.

    Enjoy your time with your mom!!!

  5. Sarah, as I said yesterday, in every way I feel what you are going through! I am glad for you that you have your mom with you and you were able to enjoy that sweet time with her! You are an amazing mom and an amazing wife!